Torsion Box Strong Enough?

While I continue saving for my SO3 XXL, I’m already starting to plan it’s stage, and eventual enclosure. I definitely want it either on wheels all the time, or on retracting casters. I like the Kreg universal workbench kits, and was considering using a beefy torsion box for the top surface. There seems to be a lot of talk on the forums about mobile enclosures being susceptible to flex due to uneven floors. I thought that a perfectly flat torsion box will stay perfectly flat? I would never intend on using my SO3 XXL outside of it’s storage location, except for tiling projects. If I build it so that the torsion box is flat and all 4 wheels touch the ground in it’s normal use location, am I throwing all of that flatness out of the window as soon as temporary move it around the shop?

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I had my XXL on a stand with wheels and the rapid movements of the machine shifting directions really made everything move around a lot. I didn’t have a torsion box, but I think wheels on anything unless it’s very heavy is going to move around on you. I now have mine on a 5x5 torsion box on top of a very heavy stand and it doesn’t move at all. I didn’t even realize how much it moved until I got it on the stable stand and torsion box! The trade off is that I can’t move it around, but I’m good with that. It’s much better than having it on wheels in my opinion.

I have a single car garage, and a lot of tools to fit in there and move around. While I intend on leaving my XXL stationary most of the time, I don’t think I want anything that large with nearly no way to move it. Tiling and cleaning behind it are probably the only things I would need to move it for, and I don’t foresee either of those happening often.

I’ve seen the kick down workbench casters. In your opinion, if I were to use these types of casters so that the table is always operated with 4 legs solidly on the ground, do you think the incidental movement would mess up the accuracy and calibration, even if it’s put back in the exact same spot every time?

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I have a Shapeoko XL and I built a torsion box using 3/4in plywood and milled 2X4 with lap joints every 12in it is temporarily installed on old cabinets until I build its own base as part of my workshop reorganization. I’m planning on building a rolling workstation with enclosure and adjustable feet using toggle clamps to make them easily retractable but still maintain the ability to level the workstation when working. The ends are too small on the toggle clamps so I will be making larger bases for the feet. Stick-on bubble levels on each side with help with leveling the workstation. Moving gives the ability to tile so I’m planning on a rear slot at the back of the workstation to provide a pass-thru for large pieces.

Toggle clamps

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Absolutely! As long as the base is fairly heavy and you can plant the legs on the ground it will be much more stable than up on casters. Having drop down casters that you can engage and disengage is a perfect idea.

I’ve had my XL mounted on a MDF torsion box on a MDF cabinet on 6” locking casters for a few years now.
I cut everything from 3” thick white oak to 2” 6061 aluminum to engraving on brass with mine.
I don’t move it often but it’s easy when I need to.


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