Touch Probe Alligator Clip Magnet

I loved the idea of the magnetic lead but didn’t want to hack a magnet in place of the alligator clip. I found these little round countersunk magnets on Amazon. I put a 4-40 screw in it, nutted it on the back, and put the alligator clip on that. The screw registers nicely into the alligator clip & the threads help keep it in place. So, I got what I wanted, it works well and i didn’t have to hack anything.

I have about 20 more of these magnets (they came in a pack), plus the screws and nuts, so if anybody else is interested I’d send these out for the cost to ship them.


Thank you for the idea. I have been thinking of replacing my alligator clip. I cringe every time I have to clip it to my end mill.

@brrian, be sure and test those countersunk magnets roughly. I had perfect solutions with several varieties from eBay, but they couldn’t stand mechanical abuse. They were somehow too brittle. I could get them to break into pieces just be letting them snap together, or by tightening the screw just a leetle too much. Just FYI. :smiley:

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I tested it when I put it together. I can break it apart by tightening the nut too much (i did it on purpose). the head of the screw is flush with the face of the magnet, so it’s taking some of the abuse when i connect it. I’ll use it for a while & see how it works out but it’s so cheap and easy that it’s not a big deal if it breaks.

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I literally just stuck a neodymium magnet on my clip, didn’t attach it, havent had an issue with months of use…


If you can ground the spindle to the controller ground you don’t need a clip or magnet.

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