Touch-probe bit size

How does CM know what size bit is being used when check X or Y positions? When the Shapeoko first starts, CM asks for a bit, but not a specific bit. So how does CM know what the diameter of the bit when setting either X or Y?

You tell it to CM when initiating probing:


When you first turn on the Shapeoko, and it Homes, it then asks for a bit for the BitSetter (not the BitZero). The BitSetter just measures tool offset in the Z-direction so the diameter of the tool is irrelevant.

I don’t remember seeing that dialog box! Is that a new feature in a current release? I have the probe, but stopped using it because I never could get an accurate probe. Changed each time. The version I had then, I seem to remember, just had a probe button on the jog screen and it just probed…I think.

Thanks Julien!

I’m going to set mine up tonight and I did not see where that is mentioned in the documentation.

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It should be in:

Didn’t see it in there, but I did get the probe working.

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Hi @GJM,

It’s been there for a while, I could not tell you exactly since what release version. I’m currently using CM 513.