Touch probe bits in metric

I’m using carbide create with a new touch probe. CC has set bit sizes all in inches. I only use metric, is it possible to edit the data in CC to metric?

I have looked through the threads and can’t see anything on this - sorry if I’ve missed it.

Thanks all.

You can add new tools to Carbide Create as desired, see:

Unfortunately, Carbide Motion is hard-coded for the endmills sold by Carbide 3D — I doubt metric sizes will be added until we begin selling them — the work-around is to use a compatible endmill (or a length of precision ground rod) to probe for X/Y (and Z if doing a corner), then to do a toolchange and probe for Z only.

If you were using a 6mm endmill but probing X/Y as if it were a 1/4" endmill (i.e. 6.35mm), you’ll just be off by the difference in radius, yes? If you just use an incorrect hard-coded endmill selection to probe, jog the difference in radius, and set zero, you’re good to go, yes?

Personally, it seems as if a “choose your own diameter” option in the probe endmill selection would be all but trivial from a UI design perspective (and trivial in code), and it would tremendously improve the user experience for a significant subset of users. At least with a simple “jog the offset” workaround, it’s only an unnecessary annoyance to all our properly SI-compliant users.


The concern I believe is the user interface and potential for user error — put this in as a feature request at ?

Well there are many bits size that are not sold by Carbide 3D even in imperial , in my toolkit, I have 3/8in, 3/16in and 1in that are not available in the Carbide store. All this to say that the probe should not rely only on predetermined sizes, you should be able to enter a value manually instead of a stupid workaround that requires several minutes.

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