Touch Probe fails on first try only

Generally speaking, this is working great for me. As a huge added bonus, several persistent irritants went away when I upgrade Carbide Motion / firmware. The nature of the one bug is so consistent, it seems like it might ring a bell in someone.

The first attempt at probing always fails, but then subsequent probes always succeed. I’ll line the endmill up, select “Probe X,Y, and Z” and then go… the moment the mill hits the probe, it just stops (with no green light), pauses, and then reports the probe failed. I am then forced to re-home, but then all subsequent probes succeed.

Not a huge problem, but it seemed worth sharing in case someone recognized the cause from their own experiences.


Wait, no green light? The light should always be green when the box is powered on. If you touch the clip to the probe, it should turn red. I suspect your’e not wired properly.

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Ok, I suspect I am mis-remembering. It does the “green to red” thing on subsequent probes… just not the first one… I think what I am remembering is that the expected behavior doesn’t occur on first touch.

Please contact us at and we’ll do our best to get this resolved as quickly as we can.

Similar problem here (I think), the z probing works only if the endmill is close to the probe, about 10mm. If it is higer, it stops at about 10mm. Then homing is required…

probe has to be within 12.5mm to work

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Interesting… This is something useful to put on the probing section of the software…

Thank you

It is in the directions…

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yeah, i’m pretty sure it was in the directions, not sure if it said 12.5mm or 1/2" but i know i read it somewhere.

i believe this is why there have been quite a few posts on probe not working the first time, the probe goes down, doesn’t touch off correct, automatically goes back up to within 1/2" then the second time it will work because it is within the correct height


Yes I noticed, but a note on the probing page of the software should help and it doesn’t hurt.
Just my suggestion

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