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Quick question…does probing always have to be done with one of the bits from the drop down list?

For example. I am using a 60 vee bit but it’s not an option in the drop down list on the touch probe.

Do I have to probe with one of those bits in the drop down list and then change the bit to whatever I’m using?

Yes and no.

A probe which involves X or Y needs to be done w/ a tool which has suitable geometry, and if using a v1, or making a probe w/ a v2 which doesn’t involve the center hole.

If probing for Z only, then tool geometry is immaterial assuming the tip of the endmill is where the cut should be measured from, so one may probe for Z only w/ pretty much any tool (but a BitSetter will be kinder to a delicate endmill should one not be able to probe at the unsupported corner of the BitZero).

So to be safe always probe x,y and z on version 1 touch probe with the 204 bit and then when the bitsetter calls for the tool change just put the vee bit in at that point?

#201, not 204 (has to be a supported endmill type/size), but yes.

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For z only any bit will work because it is only completing a circuit. For x and y it is considering the diameter of the bit used to set the distance from the edge.


Where’s this drop down, you speak of? Unless I’m missing something fundamental, I can’t see a drop down in CM or anywhere else, and where in the v1 user manual/installation instructions does it specify what sized bit/probe to use for probing?

It would help if you could be specific about this point, or this information was included in the published manuals, Will, and when would you probe with a v2 that doesn’t involve the centre hole?

[quote=“WillAdams, post:2, topic:34506”]
If probing for Z only, then tool geometry is immaterial assuming the tip of the endmill is where the cut should be measured from…

This would be true for V bits and, to some extent ball nose bits, but what about a flat end mill with multiple flutes, like the #102 or #210?

It must be new in the latest version of CM because I updated and never saw it this way before. When you click probe from the jog screen it asks you to select the bit zero version your using, then it asks how you’d like to zero, and then it asks what bit you’ll be zero’ing with and there’s a drop down list. It’s only like 6-8 bits listed.

It’s shown in this flow: (v1 BitZero)





Thanks, Gerry. When I looked for the drop down earlier, I didn’t get the prompt, for some reason.

Just been out to the shed , and this time, I did.

Curious - or operator error!


You shouldn’t see it at all, I think, given you (I think) have a BitZero v2.

If you do see it when probing, then you’ve picked the wrong option, and your Z is going to be wrong.

I actually have both versions of the BitZero, but the OP was asking about the drop-down list and, as I wasn’t aware of it’s existence, I thought I’d check it out.

I normally use the v2, though.

Gotcha. You also won’t get the list if your chosen probe operation doesn’t end up touching one of the sides of the V1.

So a Z-only probe won’t ever show it, and as such a Z-only probe will work fine with any type of endmill - point, curly, circular, 4-dimensional toroid, etc.


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