Touch Probe Installation help required

I got my touch probe today and was pretty excited. That’s where the excitement ended. . .

In the box was the probe corner block with was connected to a cable at the end of which is a 3 socket connector. There was nothing else in the package.

I have a board v 2.3.

So, I read the assembly page for the touch probe and it says for the v 2.3 board, you need an adapter that splits the 3 socket connector into a 2 socket connector and a 1 socket connector. There was no adaptor with my probem probe. And unless I’m totally missing the boat, there must be another lead that creates the circiut connection between the bit when it touches the probe and the probe to the board. I do not seem to have such a cable nor can I see where one would be hooked up if I did have one.

Any productive guidance would be much appreciated. . .

Take Care,

Jim. . .

Please contact and we’ll get you an adapter or sort this out in some other way.

I’ve now contacted support. From a video I looked up on Youtube a few minutes ago, it appears there should have been a connector converter and an alligator clip lead in the box, either side of the probe itself. My box contained only the probe.

I’ll wait to hear from support.

I am in the situation I am still Waiting to reply to my email

Anyone whose alligator clip lead is missing should e-mail in to and we’ll get the missing part out to you.

It’s been two full days with no response from, not even acknowledgement of the request. Not that I’m wanting to spend more $$$ on the probe than I already have, but I’d like to get it into production. Is there any chance you would disclose to us the pin-out for the connectors so we can build out our own 3 pin to 2 pin conversion cable? The lack of response from support indicates to me that these connectors are probably not “on the shelf” and ready to ship, so it would be nice if you would let us not have to wait for further restocking and shipping (in my case to Canada) delays.

Your ticket is active in our system — I’m sure we’ll respond as soon as we have something concrete, I suspect that we are sourcing the clips and don’t know when they’ll be in yet.

It’s not the “clip” part I need any details on. That is only 2 minutes in the shop to put that piece together. Please, just provide the destination of each pin in the 3 leads in the touch probe connector. I sincerely do not want to wait another month or more for a couple pieces of wire and connectors when I have the actual probe in hand.

My apologies, everything on using the Probe ought to be at:

and installing it at:

But, not sure what the exact wiring of the clip part is — putting in a request for that now.

So, from one of the photos on the assembly webpage, the pin connection from the 3 pin socket is:

Green - Red - White ?

Green and white are the signal from the probe and the red is to 5v supply pin?

The clip just grounds to on the machine does it not?

Yes, now that I think on it, the alligator clip is just a ring connector which you screw to the ground at the controller end (I should’ve remembered that, just removed mine checking something for a tech support query).

Yes, that was confirmed:

White green are for signal (green is ground) red is for power. Alligator clip grounds the router so the probe gets a clean signal.

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