Touch probe issue


ich have my bit setter and touch probe working for a long time without problems.

Now the touch probe is not working anymore.

  • Carbide motion v5 build 509
  • Bit setter is working
  • If I connect ground to the endmill and touch the enmill with the touch probe the red LED is going on
  • If I start probing for the z-axis, it does not work (router does not stop when red LED turns on).
  • I checked the connections between the additional PCB (for bit setter) and the touch probe input, but it seems to be OK.

Any idea what I did wrong ?

thank you .

in carbide motion, when you launch the settings screen, you can see what sensors are currently active

I would suggest testing both the touch probe and the bitsetter to see if they start (and stop!) showing up …

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I have updated to CM build 513 meanwhile.
If I open the maschine settings:

  • Bit setter is detected.
  • Short circuit of touch probe (LED changes from green to red) “No active pins”

maybe connect only the probe to the controller (unplug the bitsetter & splitter PCB), and check whether it is detected then in CM ? If yes, chances are the splitter board (or associated wiring) has a problem, if not, could be the probe itself?

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Tank you for the support, at the end I found the bad guy:

I know from many movies that you should never cut the red wire if you have a bomb and now I learned not to cut the black wire if you have a touch probe :grinning:

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