Touch probe no longer going to be offered?

Yep, that’s the mechanical body — the Carbide 3D version adds some rounding, logo, and electronics and an LED.



I have updated my model to have the rounding now. It also has a hole for a banana plug. My current method of attaching a probe to the cable. Are the electronics and LED necessary for it to work with Carbide Motion?. Are the electronics and LED a visual confirmation only?.


It’ll work just fine without the electronics. This is exactly how all the other probes I’ve seen work.

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Thanks, @mikep. I’m aware of this since I own a Triquetra probe. My question is if Carbide Motion uses the electronics inside their probe for something. I know their probe is an active probe (not sure I know what that means) and that Carbide Motion does not allow you to set the offsets for different probes. This is why we are creating an exact Carbide3D version. My model will be sans electronics. What am I losing?.

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In my humble opinion, this is the way Carbide3D should have handled the “probe-gate” problem. They could have made it available for people to build. Opened Carbide Motion to use any probe by allowing custom offsets for probing. Maybe sell the electronics as a kit for you to assemble after milling your own probe.


The nifty LED power indicator / test function, and I believe the active electronics make it a bit more sensitive/precise/accurate.

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@WillAdams, thank you. Is this “a bit” better worth all this frustration with their probe?. Will it make a difference compared to a probe that has no electronics?.

Given that I messed up a couple of previous touch plates 'cause the ground had slipped / lost connection or I forgot to clip the ground connection, having the red confirmation the probing will work is worth it to me.

Will !. It is possible to use a test of these probe with grbl 1.1?.

Probes such as that should work fine with Grbl 1.1 — you’ll just need to use software which supports such probing and which will make use of the data generated:

appears to be a red/green led, nothing to make it more precise
just visual indication

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Will - they ever make any more? Seems like this is something you would keep in stock, hard to wrap my head around a company that doesn’t keep accessories stocked up.

It’s a piece which requires very precise machining, and we’re a small company with limited production facilities (though we are trying to expand upon that). We hope to have them back in stock (and keep them in stock) come the end of the month:

Too Precise to mill out on my new nomad?

I, BTW, sold my chinese cnc and picked up an XXL from Matter Hackers.

Some folks have made compatible blocks using the dimensions which have been written up. It would be challenging on a Nomad, but should be doable — I think it’d be easier to do on a Shapeoko where you could use a suitably long endmill.


It is still avalibel. Just got mine in the mail last week 6/8/2018. It is worth the wait. Keep a close I on the sale page and don’t hesitate to buy it when it is in stock - it sells out fast.

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I’ll probably build one just to use when precision isn’t really an issue, then keep a good one around for when it is.