I finally purchased a shapeoko touch probe and installed on my carbide motion board 2.3 over fathers day weekend. When I place the clip against the probe the green light does NOT go red.

I have update my motion board to grbl 1 and I have the latest version of Carbide Motion. I do have limited switches installed as well.

Any suggestions?


Make sure you have it connected to the correct spot at the power supply. Find the number of your board at the lower left. Then match that number with the instructions to determine where to connect the probe to.


You can try the instructions for an older board as if you don’t have the header — if that doesn’t help, please send in photos of your board and a description of the problem to and we’ll do our best to help.

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Just got back from a long work trip and slipped out to the shed to take some pictures of my control board. I’ve posted pictures of my control board, grounding location of motion touch probe and limit switches (x,y,z).

In the morning I’ll fire it up and test again and will try any recommendations.

Have a good evening.


Stayed in the data fight and I’m up and running! :grinning:

Issue- Grounding location.


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I don’t know if it was your issue, but I see a lot of people using the screws for the belt keepers at the end plates as their ground for the probe. That’s gotta be the worst place to get a good ground because the plates are powder coated and the screws just screw into a keeper that’s attached to a rubber belt. I grounded mine to one of the screws on the controller mount. Probably better if it was just straight to the controller board, but far better than the end plates.



Similar location…but that was it.

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I thought the same thing about wanting a good ground connection (compared to areas more distant and possibly insulated). I opened the controller cover, pulled the mounting screw on the lower right corner of the controller, and used that to fasten the ground wire. It looked like exposed ground plane under the screw (which goes right into the big aluminum plate), so it seemed to be a great spot for it, and it’s certainly never given me any issues.


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