Touch Probe on Nomad Classic


So has anyone modified their nomad to work with the touch probe yet? Someone from Carbide 3D told me it would work but a pin would need to be removed or something, but I can’t find that old post or message anymore.

Anyway, I’ve got my probe now :slight_smile: So really keen to install it.

I played around with mine past few days (with the Shapepoko, My Z zero was balls on, There is an offset on the X and Y , have not run a job but it was very easy to probe different materials and differing stock sizes. I might end up putting one with my Nomad after awhile!! Ill be checking this post!!

Right so I think I found the tutorial here.

That tutorial is to update to GRBL 1.1. I have done this and have been running it for a few months already witht no problems. I’m waiting ona new batch for the probe as i missed the first one :rage:!. I long time ago I had bought the Triquetra probe (before the Carbide 3D announcement) and I spliced some wires to connect it. Pretty crude but it worked via UGCS.

In the availability announcement Rob G said it would work withNomad with some small changes, I believe. I asked there for instructions from him or Jorge on how to do this, but so far haven’t seen them.

From what I recall Gerbil 1.1 is a requirement to run the touch probe. download

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It should be the same as for a Shapeoko w/ the same rev. board — except apparently you have to drill a hole in the case for access — that’s my understanding of what’s been said.

@WillAdams, I thought that the tool length sensor on the Nomad occupied a socket on the board that is otherwise unoccupied on the Shapeoko.

Good point. If that’s the same one which the Probe would need, then you’d need an adapter to allow both to be plugged in.

Can someone at Carbie3D please answer this?

Not really an official spokesperson, but I checked in w/ the rest of the team — in addition to holes, the Nomad (Classic? Pro?) will require a wiring harness to make this work — folks who want to use the Probe instead of an edge finder should check in at to register their interest.

Way back when, before the Carbide3D probe was mentioned, I bought a Triquetra probe. It would only work if I used UGCS. My solution was to piggy-back on to the depth gauge limit switch. Here is what I did.

The two cables go out to nothing at the moment waiting to figure out what to do with the Carbide3D probe when, and if, I get it. Don’t remember exactly how now, but I was able to get zero position through UGCS but could not pass this information accurately to Carbide Motion. I still can’t get UGCS to work as expected on my Nomad. My lack of patience with it and my hopes for getting my Carbide3D probe had kept me from figuring it out.

As much as I love my Nomad and Carbide3D (they are very cool guys and do many things right), I have to say I’m very disappointed how they have handled the whole probe thing. I wish they would not have mentioned anything at all. They seem unprepared. All this silence and lack of information only hurt them and their relationship to their user base. There is a discord between what I see and feel when standing in from on my beautiful, well thought Nomad and all this weirdness with the probe, no?.


Hi Patofoto
I sort of agree with you but I think you have to understand that there is a huge amount of effort that goes into the software side of things to get this to work seemlessly. Also, TBH, the nomad was designed a few years ago now. Maybe they need to release a new control card that we could just replace. Like you say the hardware is beautifully designed but I would rather just plug and play a new brain into my machine than muck around with clipping off pins and such like.

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Hi @1st_Kiwi_Nomad. I agree with you completely. My problem is just with the way things are being handled. Do all the work necessary and all the testing that is needed before you start coming out to your users with a product. I’m not talking about Alpha or Beta testing. They are already selling it to users without all things being worked out. Software and hardware. I’m all in for supporting them with my time and even money but the perception of the probe is already negative in my mind. Should all this had been a well informed, open Beta testing for users, my opinion would be different. Instead, they release information through posts in blogs and this forum in an unorganized, undocumented way (at least to us). Again, I understand that a good product takes time, effort and money. Had the Nomad come out this way, I don’t think I would not have bought it. I’m sure that the good folks at Carbide3D are working really hard to make all things good. No doubt in my mind. I have deep respect and admiration for what they do. It is purely a poor strategy into market that I have a problem with. My standards were really high after buying my Nomad. This whole experience with the probe does not fit with what my opinion is of Carbide3D.

Yeah, I agree with all of that. And Carbide3D are still up there in terms of brand for me with the likes of Boosted Board, Apple and Phillips. But yeah, they need to help us with this. Anyway, to be fair, up until now I had not even raised a ticket (just posted on this forum). So now I have done that and we will see how it all unfolds.

Further to this, I see they have now released these instructions which are more detailed, the GRBL update for the nomad classic is included as apendix now. I would guess the reply to my ticket will simply be a link to this page now.

To close the loop on that:

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Cheers Will :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get home and install it now I have the step by step.

so, I upgraded to carbide motion 4 and grbl 1.1. I had an issue with the update because my front limit switch was playing up. Anyway I’d got some spares when I got my machine so Jorge was able to explain on skype how to solder in a replacement. I did that, tried again and it did the same thing but only once and now the carbide motion 4 seems to be working fine (must have been a 1 life gremlin - hopefully).
Anyway, so I would like to install the probe, I have a nomad classic so my board looks quite different to anything here in fact I have two boards!
Will also raise this as a service desk ticket but maybe someone here has done this already and can help.