Touch probe problems

changed to cm4
will not set machine to xxl
wrong size of machine
will only load shapeoko3

The drop down should be cosmetic after sending the settings — does the table size match? Do your rapid position points allow you to use the full area of the machine?

When i set a job up for a 25x25 it cuts of the edges on all sides.
It will not set xyz either.

If you’re able to cut 25 x 25 then you’re getting more travel than an SO3 or XL, so should be good to go on a settings front.

For setting XYZ please see:

If that doesn’t address things, let us know step-by-step:

  • how your CAD/CAM files are set up (posting them will help)
  • how you are securing what size stock
  • how you are setting zero relative to the stock

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