Touch probe question

When probing z only can any part of block be touched off or must it be in the circle

Any part – the circle is significant only as a target point for probing a corner/edge, so that the endmill is close enough.

Am I wrong in thinking the probe has a spring under the circle portion for touching off endmills?

I have a z probe I bought off ebay I had been hesitating to use because I was afraid of breaking small endmills (which would be my primary use for the probe)

Yup. you are incorrect.

The circle is just a small area that is milled into the touch probe block. As far as concerns about breaking small end mills, relax. I regularly probe 1/32 end mills and micro drills and have never broken OR damaged a cutter/drill.

Now if you forget to attach the ground clip…well ugly things can happen; but that would be the operator’s fault and not the touch probe.


Thanks, Rich. In that case, looks like it is time to explore other g-code senders so I can use the ebay probe.

Yeah, I’m still surprised by that, and really wish that it were a button w/ spring wired to an E-stop for those occasions when the ground circuit comes loose or is forgotten.


Sounds like an opportunity for @Luke to steer the design of a v2 of Carbide3D’s probe, that would have a hole (for endmill diameter independent XY probing, like the Beaver one has) and a spring-loaded Z-touch point. Would buy !


Have wanted to get that probe, but the Zero2 price was more acceptable.

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I can say that after upgrading my machine with significantly stronger steppers that I can cause thing to bend when I forget to connect that ground clip, but have STILL not broken a tool (at least, not a 1/4" tool) by jamming it into the block. I have put a bunch of dings into the top, but a stoning makes it perfectly acceptable again in a couple seconds.

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If you follow the touch probe instructions for x y z probe get your bit over the circle within 12MM (.5"). If you are not over the circle then the probe cycle may time out and error because it is too far from the probe. Even on a Z probe because two sides are unsupported the probe will dip more if you touch at the extreme back corner and could get an incorrect measurement. The timing to get the red led lit is built into the software but why temp fate. I still put the bit over the circle even on Z probe because the probe is supported better during the touch off. Plus you will only have one procedure to remember when using the probe.

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