Touch Probe Size?

Hello I need to know the size of the touch probe before receiving it but I cannot find this information anywhere… I making a very special gig for my guitar neck…

It’s 60mm square, 25mm tall overall including the 3mm shoulder on the bottom that is 7mm wide along two edges on the bottom (the S and W edges as you probe XY). The cable comes off the E side, about 17mm through 22mm from the S edge, with the top of the strain relief about 10mm from probe top.

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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Will be able to make my gig now! :slight_smile:

Not great shots, but just for reference:

Dimensions are in:

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Are those dimensions correct? They say it’s 65mm square, but I measured mine this morning and found it to be 60mm square. I don’t believe I was 5mm off with my calipers. Doing a quick-and-dirty pixel measurement from the upside-down photo, and assuming the shoulder is 7mm as listed and measured by me, I get 60mm within reasonable precision.

Supposed to be in.

The square dimension shouldn’t matter, since opposite sides are never measured.

I measured mine and posted them a while back as well, and had assumed that they were accurately transcribed into the above.

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