Touch probe support for 1/2" bits

It seems like more and more people are upgradeing to spindles that support 1/2" bits. It would be nice if we had a touch probe choice to select 1/2" shanked bits in the CM X&Y-axis zeroing sequence.

I’m afraid that we’re unlikely to support endmills which we don’t sell, and which don’t fit in the stock trim router or the collets which we sell.

You’ll have to use a supported endmill or a piece of precision ground rod of suitable diameter for any probes involving X and/or Y and then change and probe for Z.


So it’s not about the craft it’s all about the profit is what your saying. A fairly minor change should be all it takes to add a third diameter bit.

No, what I’m saying is we’re a small, self-funded company with limited resources trying to make a simple, straight-forward and reliable system which avoids unnecessary complications, features, and the attendant possibility of error.

Check in w/ @edwardrford, @Jorge and @robgrz if you want more — above my paygrade.