Touch Probe too high?

I am currently new to the CNC world. I downloaded Myers threaded wasteboard and did everything that he did except used a Bitsetter. Everything is working great except for my screw holes. The machine is starting about 3/4 of an inch high into “cutting” out the screw holes, instead of going to the board and starting the 3/4" cut.
I have read that most people are having issues with cutting too deep, but mine is not cutting deep enough.

Thanks for all your feedback

If the machine doesn’t cut deeply enough this is usually caused by trying to cut more deeply than it can mechanically.

FWIW, we recommend folks not cut into their baseboard (as the part formerly known as wasteboard is now called), so you should install a spoilboard on top of your wasteboard and put the inserts into that instead.

The height of that will help, also consider temporarily removing one spring, installing the router adapter (if you are using one) from the bottom and ensuring that the endmill is a reasonable length stickout.

Sorry I should have been more specific. I do have a 3/4“ MDF board I top of my baseboard that I am using to cut the holes. I used my touch probe on top of the 3/4” MDF. I have a Z+ so I have plenty of room to cut through it.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Please try the other aspects of this — if you continue to have difficulty let us know all the specifics and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

Might not be the issue, but check this to eliminate one thing:

Click the settings icon in your Carbide Create file:


And look at this, does yours say “Top” or “Bottom” (ignore my .6880 value)?:

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