Touch Probe Troubles

So I have had some great success using the probe but lately, it seems hit and miss. One thing I did was make a jig for the X and Y so the material is aligned with the machine as found here:

So one of the things I would do if I ever need to do double-sided milling is reverse the material and probe it. So I did a test real fast after I messed up a few pieces and I found that the X axis actually has the whole tool over the corner of the material instead of being centered over the corner. The Y axis seems fine though. I went to see if there was an update to Carbide Motion that may have addressed any probing issues but it seems I have the latest version 412.

Any thoughts? I can provide pics as well.

I’ve called out the axis problem to carbide and suggested a solution that would be fairly easily to implement, but they haven’t done anything about it. It -could- compensate for an off axis alignment of the probe, but does not. It would take an extra probe sequence and a little math. One of the other senders is capable of doing this, but I don’t remember which one - might be a mach 3 feature, I don’t know.

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Gotcha, at least I am glad to know its not just me as it was starting to make my eye twitch again lol!

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I have not used mine since I purchased it. I had similar issues. Switched back to the old eyeball,tinfoil and a volt meter and have not looked back once.

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I’ve used IntelliG-code for a while now with Triquetra’s probe. The probing sequence has run flawless for me every time.


That seems weird. I guess I will maintain hope Carbide3D resolves this as the Triquetra’s probe looks the exact same. If they can do it so can Carbide I hope.

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