Touch Probe Z axis not calibrated correctly

(Kaleb Israel) #1

I used the probe to get XYZ zero. I then put the probe on the wasteboard and zeroed just Z. I ran a job and realized it had cut pretty far into the wasteboard. I placed the probe back on the wasteboard again and zeroed Z. I moved the cutter to 1.00 mm above the wasteboard. I used my feeler gauges to slide under and measure that it was only 0.4 mm off the wasteboard. Is there a way to change the formula in which the probe is calculating Z zero? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

P.S. while I’m at it, is there an easy way to move the spindle +/- specified amount relative to current location? Like if I wanted to move Z axis down .6 mm?

(F B) #2

I think the issue is that you should be putting the probe on top of your workpiece, not directly on the wasteboard.

(William Adams) #3

You may need to calibrate the Z axis. See:

(Kaleb Israel) #4

No. For XYZ, yeah I probe with the corner nested at the top of the piece, but I then run a second Z only probe at the wasteboard. The probe should produce repeatable results regardless of where I place it. Otherwise, what’s the point?

(Kaleb Israel) #5

I mean it wouldn’t hurt to run some belt stretch calibration, but I know last time I checked with a dial indicator it was pretty spot on. When I set my Z to 1.00 mm above the wasteboard, it was pretty consistently accurate to being .4 mm above. My guess is the touch probe is simply just not as tall as the formula is accounting for. If there is a way, I would imagine a simple fix would be to simply subtract the difference from the formula to create an accurate probe every time. I just don’t know if there is a way to do that

(F B) #6

Can you help me understand the reason for doing a z zero a second time? It would seem to me that you have the correct zero the first time, then re-zero to the wasteboard causing it to be incorrect. (unless you are choosing the option in your cam package to have z zero be the wasteboard instead of the top of the stock)

(Kaleb Israel) #8

There are four options of zeroing with the probe. My first zero is XYZ with the corner nested at the top of the part. The second zero is at the wasteboard using only the Z option. My method is not the problem. Z zeroing with the probe is not setting the Z zero in the correct place. That’s it

(F B) #9

If that is the case, i’d email support directly. Either your probe is defective or you have a mechanical issue. You shouldn’t need to change the probe calculations for the carbide probe on carbide software.

(Kaleb Israel) #10

Figured I’d start here if it was a common problem. Doesn’t sound like it is because I can’t find another person having the same experience

(Ronald Waite) #11

Once you probe XYZ or just Z do not zero again, CM already knows where to start. I had similar problems.

(Neil Ferreri) #12

@KalebIsrael have you measured your probe thickness? I doubt it’s that far off, but I’d start there.

(Kaleb Israel) #13

Depending on where I measure, the thickest part is 24.7 mm near the nested corner and 25 mm near the furthest edge from that corner.

(Kaleb Israel) #14

I didn’t pay for the probe to have the Z zeroing to not work. That’s the most important aspect for me

(Neil Ferreri) #15

How are you measuring? It should be 25mm thick with the lip and 22 without.

(Kaleb Israel) #16

With digital calipers. In the corner near the circle on the top, it measures 24.7 mm not 25 mm. But if I move to the corner away from the circle, it seems to be right at 25 mm.
I didn’t measure the thickness without the lip since that’s not what is measured when just using Z zeroing

(William Adams) #17

Please measure your probe in all the relevant dimensions and send that in to and we’ll do our best to sort this out.

(Neil Ferreri) #18

@KalebIsrael Try:
using the probe to set Z zero on a clean surface.
Remove the probe.
Send the machine to Z25.4(G0Z25.4)
Slide probe back under.
You should be able to slide it under. Check difference with feeler gauge. (Should be .4mm)

If it checks out jog Z up and down a few times and come back for a retest.

(Kaleb Israel) #19

I’m replying now to the support email I received. Thanks

(Kaleb Israel) #20

That’s essentially what I’ve done already except instead of 25.4 mm above, I just did it at 1.00 mm above. If it’s not accurate 1 mm above it won’t be accurate 25.4 mm above.

(Neil Ferreri) #21

No. This will take the probe thickness out of the equation. If it’s accurately returning to the top of your probe, I’d say your probe is out of spec. If it’s off, I’d say this is a mechanical issue.

EDIT: Watched your video. Probe looks off. :confused: