Touch Probe Z axis not calibrated correctly

(Kaleb Israel) #42

I have no idea what you’re trying to say. If the probe is NOT on the machine at all, how is it going to complete a circuit to short out? If the probe is removed while not probing, like I said I would be doing, what could cause a short?


(Neil Ferreri) #43

The issue is the potential for the short when the probe is on your aluminum wasteboard. It won’t work.
You need to be careful about isolating your electronics as Vince said.

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(Kaleb Israel) #44

Okay… so separate the brains from the frame, and also unscrew the alligator clip from the frame and ground it directly to the board? I’m assuming the pads on the four corners of the PCB are all ground?


(William Adams) #45

Correct. Per:

Note that it will be necessary to attach the end of the alligator clip wire to a suitable ground connector such as a corner of the control board using the bolt at that corner.


(Kaleb Israel) #46

Oh nice. I just read “To identify which version of the Carbide Motion board you own, look at the lower left corner of the PCB.” and scrolled down till I saw the 2.4e. I had watched a YouTube video about the installation and he grounded it to the frame itself so I did that. I’ll do the changes I noted previously and see if I can make use of this defective probe after all


(Todd Holaday) #47

This may just have been a silly mistake on my part but here is how I experienced the same problem you did. When probing for x,y,z you set the probe over the edge of the project. When probing for just Z you set it on top of the project. So the probe is in a higher position for just Z. I overlapped it over the corner, probed for Z and found myself making a deep first cut, about 1/8" too much and of course finishing 1/8" into the waste board!


(Kaleb Israel) #48

Can’t quite follow. Here’s a video

There’s nothing wrong with my method. It’s just not working like it should


(Todd Holaday) #49

Agree. Ignore my comment. I was making a mistake and thought you might have made the same one. I’m going to check my probe block when I get home to see how it compares to your depth measurements.


(Kaleb Israel) #50

Okay. This post must be 20 characters


(Neil Ferreri) #51

@KalebIsrael Ever get this resolved with Carbide 3D?


(Kaleb Israel) #52

They replied “I’d say the proof is in the pudding. Do a 1/4 pocket extending over the edge of some scrap and see if you get 1/4 deep cut. I want to know if when you cut you get the right depth. I like to run my test 3 times. Please let us know how it turns out”

I’m 99% positive a 1/4” pocket will be the .6mm or whatever too deep, but it’s been snowing and I have a detached uninsolated garage so I haven’t been able to do anything.


(Kaleb Israel) #53

G10L20Zxx is not working.
ERROR (1): MDI Error: No address § defined for G10


(Neil Ferreri) #54

If you’re using Carbide Motion, you need a / preceding the command.


(Kaleb Israel) #55

Is that just for that line? Every other line works except trying to set Z zero
G0Z2 for example works perfectly without the /
I’ll give it a shot

Hmm still didn’t work with the /
Trying to do /G10L20Z0.9 or /G10L20Z1 and nothing happens. Z on the left still says 5.650. Went back to jog thinking maybe it just didn’t update yet, nothing.


(Neil Ferreri) #56

Can you open the log when you send it?
Paste output here.


(Bill Smith) #57

Just my two cents worth, but doesn’t the G10 command require a P (Position) parameter to designate the WCS to be affected?

I’m thinking the instruction should be G10 P1 L20 Z0.9. P1 for WCS 54, P2 for WCS 55, etc.

No address § defined for G10” sounds like the address of the WCS is missing.

I don’t use CM so I don’t use/need the “/”. Perhaps the P parameter is optional and I’m wasting your time. :grin:

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(Neil Ferreri) #58

If the P word is not included, grbl uses the current one. Carbide Motion only allows use of the G54 (P1) WCS.
I haven’t used motion in years to actually run my machine, and I’ve only used it to try to help others.

EDIT: So, apparently Carbide Motion requires the P1. Looks like the / is to bypass CM’s intercepting the commands.

Ugh…use a different (transparent) sender.

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(Kaleb Israel) #59

So for Motion it would be G10P1L20ZXX
That’s what worked for me.

I know I should be using another sender but, until I can learn a different one, I’m using carbides for the time being.

What’s the easiest sender to migrate to if I don’t care to do anything crazy. I’d like to set up macros for probing, but otherwise motion has done everything else I need


(Bill Smith) #60

@neilferreri prefers the CNCjs sender and I defer to him. I’ve was using the original Universal Gcode Sender (UGS) for quite a while. But, since they’ve upgraded it to the Classic and Platform versions I’ve become comfortable with the Platform version. I’ve tried BCNC, GRBL Panel, CNCjs and a couple others. Because CNCjs has a macro language, I’m planning on switching over in the near future.


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