Touch screen controller viewer

Added a little 10.1" raspberry pi capable screen to my system without the raspberry pi system it just a plug and play screen with touch screen I just duplicate my screen onto the touch screen and I can use it as a controller to zero my pieces right at viewing level from my chair and I can switch between screens without going back to the computer so I can have a little sample in front for viewing pleasure lol


I was just pondering something like that. I had an iPad via VNC for my pi, but found out the wifi is bad in the garage. I have to make do with an old 32” tv for now. :sweat_smile: I’d like to find a direct connection touchscreen, and it’s looking like the 13” are around $250. Maybe I can find an old android tablet with hdmi.

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If you get the pi system they actually have a carbide motion for pi and you can make it it’s own stand alone controller if I understand correctly


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