Touchprobe just arrived

The touchprobe I ordered from Sparkfun a few weeks ago just arrived. I’ll be hooking it up this weekend, anyone familiar with how to use it with UGS or CNCJS?

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I contact Sparkfun on the phone a few weeks ago, they said they do not have it in stock?

My understanding is that Sparkfun erroneously put the Probe up as available a while back, then took the listing down, but not before some folks had ordered it.

Hopefully this means that they’ll be back in stock and generally available soon.

The probe shipped straight from Shapeoko in Illinois, not actually from sparkfun, so I would guess that it’s safe to assume more are coming. This was the message I got from sparkfun after I placed my order on July 13th
"Thank you so much for your recent SparkFun Order! We are reaching out to let you know that due to an unexpected delay with our supplier, there will be an estimated additional 10 business days required for processing your order for the new Shapeoko Touch Probe(TOL-14806) product.


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Brilliant! Thanks mate!

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Carbide 3D put out a small batch of Probes to cover the orders which were placed when Sparkfun mistakenly had the page live. Hopefully that’s the last oddity between now and when the next batch is formally released.

For more details see:

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