Was the probe released already?

(Joshua Dotson ) #8

I’m pretty bummed myself, I’ve signed up for the notifications multiple times just too be sure. I also have been checking the site pretty regularly. It has only ever shown up as “Sold Out” for me. Oh well, I shall try again in June.

(Daniel Loughmiller) #9

While I was lucky enough to get a first round probe, at this point I’d like to see C3D add support for at least one of the more popular 3rd party probe kits out there into carbide motion.

(Stephen Taylor) #10

This… I bought one because I didn’t get a notification. But just tonight finding out I can’t use it with carbide and have to jump through what it feels to me a bunch of hoops to get it to work :confused:

Love the machine but wish using one of these was easier

(Steve Forrester) #11

Wow, not happy! I was contacted by a member of the Carbide 3D team (Rob) promising I was definitely on the second batch list, but never contacted.

Having spent so much money on the XXL and getting it over here in the UK, having been promised I just expected the contract.

(Patricio Suarez) #12

I’m sure that by now what happened to the wait list is known. Could we get an explanation?. Some acknowledgement from Carbide3D?.

Probe release info?
(Rob Grzesek) #13

Here’s all of the background information I can provide:

We use Shopify for our online store, which is really bare-bones. If you need any “extra” functionality, you need to pay for a plugin to add that function (or write your own). We pay for a “notify me” plugin from a third-party to manage the waiting list. Once the items are back in inventory, the email are supposed to be sent out to everyone on the list.

It seems to have worked, the probes began selling almost immediately and were sold out in a few days.

Because the emails are managed by the “notify me” plugin, we have no way to know if all emails were sent, if they were sent and dumped into your junk mail folder, or were filtered out by your email provider before making it to your inbox at all. (The later happens more than one would think).

We can only look at the sales rate to judge that, at worst, the plugin “mostly worked” and it was probably better than that.

We’re focused on getting caught up with the backlog and making sure we build some inventory so we’ll continue using the same plugin in the future rather than shifting effort to write our own plugin to manage the list.

Finally, we’ve made a major investment in the past few weeks to increase the production rate. Once we get it up and running, I’ll post a video- it should be pretty great.


Touch Probe Update - Back in Stock
Touchprobe just arrived
Touch Plate Waiting
(Rob Grzesek) #14

The robot was delivered about 8 hours ago and the probes are back in production. Video as promised:

Touch probe no longer going to be offered?
Probe release info?
Zero Method using card stock
(Dan Nelson) #15

Hey Rob, will the new “worker” allow you guys to run lights out? Pretty cool stuff!


(Stephen Taylor) #16

Little nudge is awesome. Pretty neat

(Julien Heyman) #17

Oh my. Very cool. Since I am not sure one would make such a large investment (unless you rent it?) for manufacturing a few hundred probes, this tells me there will be other Carbide devices down the line, and/or that the company is selling enough machines to justify such an investment, both being excellent news :slight_smile:

(Rob Grzesek) #18

@DanoInTx - We’re hoping to run light’s out once we’re sure that we’ve got a reliable process and once we add a chip conveyor, which are not standard on a Brother machine.

@Stari - The little nudge is programmed to be 10 lb force move, which is pretty amazing to watch happen in real life for some reason.

@Julien - We did buy the robot and that’s in a brand new Brother S1000X1, not our older 700X1. The probes won’t pay for either but our hope is that many of our parts can be run through the same system. In the end, we do all of our machining in California so we’ve got to be as efficient as possible if we want to be competitive. People are hard to find and expensive here.

(juan h cagampang) #19

ugh. I was waiting too! I was wondering what the heck happened.

(John) #20


I have been waiting for the Probe from the last batch, must be more than 7 months now. I did signup for emails notification, I also did emails contact to remind you as I am waiting to purchase the PROBE ----I did not recieve any emails notification ??? pls make sure I have a probe reserve for me

(Steve) #21

How fast will the robot move? Im assuming its slowed down for testing.

(Garry Hattey) #22

Looks great! I would automate the door to save robot movement. I haven’t ordered a probe unit yet, but I plan to in the near future. I’m hoping to put it on my XL.

(Daniel Loughmiller) #23

9/10. Doors could look more TARDIS like.

(Rob Grzesek) #24

I’ve got an air cylinder sitting in from the of machine waiting to be added to the door. I just need to get a bracket worked out.

@Stevesky- The speed is the default. It can go faster but then you have to worry about someone getting hit by it. The door open and close are slowed down for reliability but that’ll be replaced by pneumatics at some point.

(Garry Hattey) #25

Plus two limit switches, but I’m probably stating the obvious.

(William Adams) #26

I’ve raised this with the rest of the team and we’ll do our best to ensure that everyone who missed out on the last round of probes gets one, including you.

(John) #27

Awesome, can’t wait - Thanks