Touchscreen Control Panel

This is really awesome! I’d definitely buy one (preassembled or a kit) if you ever make it available!

Agreed “Sherpa now knows this exists and therefore, and obviously i must have one” lol

Also @Uriah the angels said to god “how much CNC & Engineering skills shall we give him?” God said… “Yes”

Genuine offer - if you wanted to sell these as a kit and would like to try a prototype design and build process without the financial overhead (provided it is not crazy expensive) i would be happy to be your first prototype backer :slight_smile:

well done superb work!


Maybe, provide the CAD files. or drawings for cutting out the sheet materials for the panel and enclosure, have a list of sources for the various knobs and switches, then have a kit for sale that contains the electronics (Raspberry Pi Included) with directions for installing whatever software/firmware is needed? I’m just suggesting a way to reduce the time needed to get this out the door.

Thanks. I’ll try to post an update soon.


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