Tracing Bitmap Software

Does anyone have any recommendations in regards to bitmap tracing software? I have been using inkscape for the past year and it worked fine up until a few weeks ago! I’m not sure if is a bug with the newest version but I have tried everything I can think of and I cannot get it to work anymore.

What are you trying to trace where inkscape won’t work?

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I have tried to trace multiple images like jpegs with no success. I have deleted the software from my computer and downloaded it again. I can transfer the image but when I try to trace bitmap the option is greyed out and does nothing! I have been reading online that there are a few people having the same issue. I would appreciate any help or direction on how to correct this, I really like inkscape and would like to continue to use. I have spend countless hours so far trying to figure this out.

Can you share an example file here?
My students are just starting to learn a little Inkscape today.

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Sorry, I am not at home at the moment, but I can send you a example file on Monday.

The only thing I can guess right now is that you don’t have anything selected. I use Version 1.0.1 at home and 0.92.3 at work…no issues on Windows PCs.

Maybe I’m missing something! How do you select the image? In the past I have just dragged the image the inkscape workspace resized it and selected Path / and traced the bitmap.

Click on it…

Haha. That isn’t working for me. I thought maybe there was another step I was missing after I downloaded the newest version.

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Shayne, I to also was disappointed with inks cape in generating image to SVG files that could be imported to shapeoko and carbide create. It created the file, but never would load to the carbide create. I ran across a Vectorizing program that seems to be hassle fee, and somewhat free for limited use and a marginal fee if used consistently called Online Image Vectorizer . Tom

Thanks a bunch for the help. I will give that one a try, I have a few projects that I have to get completed over the weekend.

The image trace in V-carve is nice. I like it because it actually produces a single curve rather the 2 I get with inkscape. If you want I can get you your curves for you… send over your pic.

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Now i have found after using inkscape, i have to use the import method to get create to see image. I cant just go up and use open file. But it works fine using import.

Please send such a file to us at — it ought to work the same either way.

Shane, I have used many, but the best I have found with many tools to attached download web images, line art etc is Vectroining online at It does a great job, easy to use and versatile in conversions of jpeg/png and others to svg files quickly. There is a small time period of “free” to use then there is very reasonable pricing. per month or year.
I go to google images and search the subject for line art, down load the image, open vectorize program select the image I want converted and wham!, its done. allows you to select by color gray density and a host of others.