Tracing cutting board image on a cutting board

1st and foremost i want to say im a complete noob to CC.But my mother has asked me to do this for a friend and to be honest i am completely in over my head. Any help would be great or is this to much for a beginner? I have tried to use node editor but it just seems to be to much to edit. Between the board and the bread on it just seems to be a lot. Should i go at this a different way than tracing?
1st project051524.c2d (308 KB)

Does it have to be that specific image? There are many nicer, easier to trace similar images.

This one carves nicely


What size is the board? And what size do you want the image?
How, what tools & what type of carve were you looking for?

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so it is a business logo for my moms friends daughter(hahahha) she is starting or has started a bread business?? they are wanting a 18x28 cutting board/display board with the logo in the center, so she can display breads and cakes on it. It is a nice logo with some font i think i can figure out the font part it is just this image is a little much for experience right now

Do you have the original image, or a higher resolution picture of the logo?

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I will add couple more photos tomorrow. I did play with the image you suggested a little in CC and to be honest it isnt looking that bad.i removed the last slice of bread that was hanging off the board doesnt look to far off. I will also add this tomorrow. And get yalls opinion on it.

If you have received the images via text message, they will be reduced resolution.
Try to get an original size image via email or directly from the device.

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