Tramming issues

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I’m trying to face my bed and did a test section on a 6"x6" MDF. The attached picture shows the odd results. The middle was smooth, but the start and end of the facing has a skew on it. I “trammed” the router by attaching a metal rod in the collar of the router and rotated it in a 15" diameter circle. The end of the rod was even around the entire rotation. I realize that this is a very mediocre way of tramming, but its the best I have right now. Anyone have a suggestion on how to correct this facing issue?

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Make adjustments first of the whole machine first done with digital gauge .

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I believe the problem is you’ve plumbed the spindle to the wasteboard, not to level / the gantry and Y-axis extrusions.

Work from large -> small when doing this:

  • start with a level table
  • ensure the Y-axis extrusions are level to the table and parallel to each other
  • make the X-axis extrusion level and at right angles to the Y-axes
  • make the carriage level and plumb and square to the gantry

It can be a maddening tail-chasing thing, but if you work consistently the adjustments should get smaller each time.


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I actually started doing just that before I trammed it.
-I leveled my support table.
-The Y-Axis’s are level and parrallel
-I leveled the x-axis (But did not check if it was right angle to the Y-axis) Would that be just using a framing square?
-Carriage and gantry are plumb

After I did all of that I had a noticeable difference in the tramming, it was about an 1/8" off over the 15" so I loosened the spindle mount and plumbed it to the wasteboard. Maybe by plumbing it to the wasteboard it made the issue worse? what would I plumb the spindle to if not the wasteboard?

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to level the table, rails and check that rails are parallel/square I’m using a construction level (4’) and metal squares. How do you check for level and squareness with a digital gauge? I’d be curious to see if there is a more accurate way to check for level and square other than my standard construction tools. If there is something out there I’d love to get it assuming it wont break the bank

(William Adams) #6

Plumb the spindle to the gantry/Y-axis/table.

When tramming, take very, very light passes starting at the highest point on the wasteboard. Repeat until the entire area has been cut. See:

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