Tramming Service

I’ve been at it for a month now, and every day I learn so many new things. I now acknowledge two truths

  1. You can never know everything about the tool
  2. The Experienced users are an invaluable asset whose wisdom and advice can significantly reduce a new users frustration and set up a new user on a positive path

Thus my feature request, that I realise is probably not really realistic…

It would be amazing if there was a directory of Mavens who were willing to make house calls or video calls @ hourly rate. For example, I am assuming that there would be 1 or 2 Chicago based veterans who could make a house call, but if I lived in rural Illinois and there was no local person or due to COVID issues it would be via video call.

Some that ‘are not in it for the money’ may choose a charity, while for others this could be a side gig that doesn’t include Etsy.

I would love it if someone came and checked ‘’belt tension, trammimg, feeds and speeds, etc”

The only way I would think that it would work so that only ‘mavens’ validated the builds, is if the user was ‘vetted’ as a veteran by a user on the forum with a Leader badge

Maybe this once existed before my time in the community, but just thought I’d throw it out there

coronavirus would definitely put the kibosh on doing this in the UK, sadly, but it’s a great idea!

I’m not sure how many people would pay for it to be done though, given that most using these machines are probably ‘tinkerers’ in their own right :thinking:

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There’s a Google map of owners on the Unofficial Facebook forums:

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I agree.
I do not use FaceBook or Twitter or any others because of those reasons.
Not paranoia just avoidance of issues like my Playstation account being compromised and a charge of around $650.00 to my account. (Was not easy getting that back).


I do not use those services either. Have been tempted by the Carbide3d Facebook group but even with it’s 17,000 + members I can’t bring myself to do it.

I’ll stick with Jeff’s comment - “Closed groups like this forum are a better vehicle in my opinion”

And may even have to relay on a printed newspaper to locate another Shapeoko user in my local. Which I did :slight_smile:



Oh, I much prefer this forum. It more or less keeps the gripes and complaints “in family” so to speak instead of in a more open forum.


I have to use Twitter and LinkedIn but they are both used strictly for work.

Ive never had a Facebook account and wasn’t planning on starting now, even though I get anxious every time someone types a link to the Unofficial Carbide3D Facebook group

@NewToThis I’m fortunate in that my unit is in a garage where I can open the door up allowing plenty of airflow, and then run two propane heaters on full blast, to beat the Chicago Cold. Also, with some getting vaccinated there may be more people willing to go into houses. From a cost perspective, I feel that paying for this service will save me money in the long run (wasted wood, broken bits, etc)

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Same here. But then I figure that information just wasn’t meant for me…


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