Triangle Peg Game

(Guy Donham) #1

These pictures are of a prototype of the old Triangle Peg Game. Is there any interest in my posting my files to for the game. These are made of Mahagoney and are a little large. I will redesign them tomorrow and cut some more prototypes.


(Jon) #2

lovely grain on the wood


(John Terry) #3

Yes, I would be interested in the file in Cutrocket.

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(Guy Donham) #4

I purchased a lot of (2 pickup loads) red oak and Magagoney from a factory that made church furniture. Almost all of it is glued up into 4 or 5 pieces that are about 2 in wide by 20 in long. Some is 3/4 and some 4/4. These were resawed and milled up to about 7/8 in and glued up to boards. I put Watco Danish Oil on these for a quick finish to show the customer.

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(Andrew Pell) #5

I recently had to make about 15 of these for a group of kids.