Tried some Ebiara wood

I got some new wood and was trying it out. I decided to take a 4x4 piece of wood to carve and see how it behaved. As you can see, it carved well. I used a 1/8 ball end mill and a 30 degree V to make the cuts. I liked the result so much that my wife painted it and thought I’d share. I just got VCarve desktop, so I used their software.
BTW - It is not quite as glossy in person, it’s still drying.


Looks good. Your wife did a good job painting the curves. Exactly what is Ebiria wood, is it tropical hardwood or something else? If it is a tropical hardwood be careful breathing sawdust. All sawdust is bad but tropical hardwoods can cause allergic reactions more often than domestic hardwoods. Limit exposure to your skin some times allergic reactions build up over time and do not always cause reactions on your first exposure.

Hi Guy,

I do not know much about ebiara, other than Rockler had 1 and it’s expensive, but is an equatorial hardwood from Africa. I seem to recall about 1200 Janka hardness. I appreciate the note on dust and I do wear a mask when working with the wood.


This website has lots of technical data on several woods. It can be useful at times, particularly if you want to check sustainability etc.

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From World Woods in Colour.

It has lots of other names as well.


Looks beautiful. Did you create or acquire the template?

I made the template. Super simple - used the clip art from Vectric and added some texture lines, then snipped the lines to not cut through the eagle. I just got Vectric as well, so this was a bit of learning for me.