Tried to download the latest software but .dmg wont open

(Alex Thevenot) #1

I just tried downloading the latest versions of the software on my Mac and the .dmg doesn’t open so I can’t even install the latest software at this point. Is the server down?

(William Adams) #2

I was able to download:

(but don’t have a Mac to test on)/

(Pedro Sullivan) #3

I was able to download and open the .dmg. I was also able to launch the motion app.

(Alex Thevenot) #4

I was finally able to download the new version of Carbide motion but when I launched it and connect my Shapeoko XXL I got the following red error message: ERROR(1): GRBL ERROR: GRBL Version1.1 are not supported.

That’s strange as I’m running it on a Mac Sierra version 10.12.5

I have been using my XXL for over a year with minor problems but now I can’t do anything because if this

Can someone help please :wink:

(William Adams) #5

Were you using CM3 before? It works with Grbl 0.9 which is what we were installing last year.

For CM4 you need Grbl 1.1 — you can update to that using

(Alex Thevenot) #6

Great thanks for the link William! So I downloaded the latest Grbl 1.1 and did the Z swtich hold while clicking Yes to update my xxl Firmware but when I clicked on the button: SEND CONFIG DATA for my XXL I don’t see the button to reset the homing switches anywhrere: TOGGLE SHAPEOKO HOMING

I tried a few time to send config data but still no Toggle button

(William Adams) #7

There isn’t a button to toggle homing on or off anymore — homing is now mandatory — you should be good to go.

(Alex Thevenot) #8

Thats again William, you were right I didn’t get that Error message again but my XXL is still acting the same way as before I upgraded to the latest soft and Firmware available…

This is was keep happening every time I run any kind of job I have been running on my machine in the last year I’ve own the XXL: Once I Load the file and Run a Job the % for job completion indicator jump to somewhere between 83% and 90% immediately without making the router move, then it goes up to the top left corner of the XXL and stops !?

I thought I needed to upgrade with the latest soft and Firmware to get it going since this started happening yesterday in the middle of a job but that it obviously not the case. I have no idea what is happening to my machine at this point, I’m stuck ;( do you have any idea what may be happening?

(William Adams) #9

Please contact us at — let us know step by step what you’re doing, and provide any sample files you might have.

Were you able to do “Hello World”?

(Alex Thevenot) #10

Yes Hello world work perfectly. Is the new version of Carbide fully supported for Mac OSx Sierra?

(William Adams) #11

Carbide Motion 4 should be supported in the more recent versions of Mac OS X — I’ll try to loop in a developer.

(Pedro Sullivan) #12

do you have any of the old gcodes that you can try? Is it possible that its the job you are running now that isn’t processing properly?

(Alex Thevenot) #13

Got it working now, thanks again for the help !!