Trim/Extend Feature

Would it be possible to add a trim/extend feature in addition to the boolean operations?

Backgroud: After spending some drawing in Carbide Create, I often encounter the need to trim or extend a line on piece of my geometry. Sometimes I am trying to get rid of a single overlapping segment between two features without affecting other similar elements. Other times I want to trim or cut away segments of existing lines to simplify a vectorized image.

Not sure what you’re asking — it is possible to go into Node Edit mode and delete nodes — does that do what you want?

If not, please post a marked up screen grab and we’ll do our best to understand.


In the pics below I have created a very simplistic example of what I would use a trim option for. For this example, the boolean options do not work for me unless I start doing some extra steps with extra geometry (this process confuses me more often than not).

I was able to create the desired finished product in the second picture using node editing as you suggested. I just wonder if your software wouldn’t be even more user friendly with a trim feature as another way to rapidly get to this result.

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That would be done with a pair of Boolean operations:


First Boolean subtract the squares:

to get:

then select all and Boolean Union:

to arrive at:

Yes indeed, but it is sooo much easier and intuitive with a trim tool!

A trim tool will also easily work in many more situations where a clever Boolean operation just wont cut it… excuse the pun!

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I still don’t understand what you mean be a “trim” tool, nor how the interface would work/be described.

Here, simplest way to do this. 4 objects, one Boolean Union:

It is one of the tools available in the Vectric editors.

Which IME has way more tools than are needed, and a cluttered interface.

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What if the corners aren’t 90 degrees? Making the squares is easy enough if you know how to do it and the drawing is no more complicated than this, but I’ve run into issues with more complicated shapes. Could be user error

Trimming is a feature in just about every cad package I know of. Autocad, solid works, Mastercam, vectric, and many more… the solid works method is my favorite with power trim…

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If you want rounding on more complicated shapes the easiest thing to do is to dupe it and inset by the desired radius, the offset by that radius then use Boolean intersection to isolate the regions which you wish to restore the sharp pointy parts to.

The “Power Trim” feature has six steps — not really seeing anything that complex making it into Carbide Create — maybe if there were some simpler, more elegant implementation — but that’s up to @robgrz and co. You could put in a feature request at if desired.

Agree with the OP, i twould be nice. @WillAdams, this is what “Trimming” should be like:
However, this would require a more substantial rewrite of how vectors are handled under the hood, so probably would not hold your breath to see something like this in the immediate future.


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