Trip to home sawmill

Finally I have found a semi local wood supplier, about an hour away. This guy runs a home sawmill and is a cabinet maker. Has about 50 different species of wood on stock. I spent 2 hours looking through and made a few selections. I got a couple of international woods and some local native timbers. The native timbers here in New Zealand are hard to come by in such good condition, most of it is reclaimed/recycled. But my wood supplier has a native logging and milling licence which are as rare as hens teeth here. Almost all our wood available at saw mills and hardware stores is pine.

Here is a pic of my haul. Some project posts I sure will ensue.


When I lived in Virginia, there was an Australian company there called Moxon Timbers that used to sell to the public. Then they stopped doing that. But I used to get Australian Cypress from them. It was one of the nicest woods to work with…it didn’t have a smell; it had an aroma.

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Yeah love the smell of some woods. I got some macrocarpa there in the banana box smells pretty good. I also had some eucalyptus before for plain wood working, not CNC. Man that smelled good too.

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