Tripp Trapp chair build

Heya! My toddler was in need of a new high chair and we had decided on the Tripp Trapp. Problem is, it’s sold out and hard to get. So, I replicated it. Modeled it out in Maya and brought the model into Vcarve Pro for toolpath generation. Love the workflow with the XXL.


Well done!
Looks great!

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Corey, what did you cut those back rests with? Bandsaw? All looks nice. +1

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Thanks, CrookedWoodTex! Yep, used the bandsaw for roughing, then spindle sander to shape the rest. Cut from an 8/4 blank. I really like working with Sapele. Cuts well, shapes well and finishes well.

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It has been a long time since I had a toddler. I dont understand what this chair does. Is it like a step stool and a seat for the table or just a step stool to get up to the sink or something like that.

Your project looks nice I just dont understand its use.

Edit, Sorry I went and looked up and there are more parts like the seat and tray and now it makes sense.

Hey Guy! Yeah, its mostly just an adjustable chair, but it’s meant to grow with your child from infancy to adulthood. I can (fairly) comfortably sit on it no problem. You just loosen the stretchers and slide the seat and footrest into new positions. It’s just a friction fit. It accommodates the child’s growth.

I would expect that butt joint to have a more sensible lower weight limit than “adult”, but I wouldn’t expect to see a teenager look favorably to sitting at the dinner table in that chair! :smiley:

Nice work @Vustadumas it’s awesome to see when people make things that looks great and help out day to day.

Is it close enough to the original that you wouldn’t/couldn’t sell it? I have found there is quite a market for infants furniture and toys at the moment.

Hah, maybe, Tex! The butt joint has 2 8 x 50 mm dominoes, so it’s not going anywhere :grin:. I’m 200 pounds, and the chair has little to no flex.

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