Triquetra Probe Block Connection Wiring Issues

Ok, I admittedly do a lot of probing because I’m not shy about tool-changes in CNCjs but all of a sudden I was dive-bombing my end mills into the probe block. I am 90% sure that the connection between the probe block and banana plug is failing. I tried to re-wire but did not re-solder it after nipping off the old end. I am pretty sure the solder is required for connectivity? As the end was originally soldered and I recal Charlie mentioning this somewhere. Either way, I am looking for an over-engineered solution that has worked for others.

(Not sure if it matters but I would like to pocket out a hole in the corner of the probe so I can try the circular probe macro in CNCjs)

There just has to be better replacement options out there for both the magnetic clip and the banana plug? I am very ok at soldering. I always appreciate the over-engineered type approach.

NOT complaining at all about the Triquetra Touch probe, as it is a chunk of machined Aluminium. I like the software that came with it because it helped with my learning curve. Now I don’t use the software at all because of CNCjs macro stuff but that’s a whole other book.

EDIT: I do still use the Fine Tune feature in the software! Just because it’s a bulletproof process! I plan to poke around the program again to see if there’s anything else that I might be able to use.

Hi Grant,

If you like I can mail you a replacement wire set. Can’t have you sport’n around with an ugly taped up one like that. Just send me an email to confirm your mailing address to and I will get one out to you right away.

Charley Thomas
Triquetra CNC


Charley! I just ordered a new cable from your website for $10. I do appreciate the offer to send me a new one though. Is there anyway you can throw in an extra banana clip so I don’t have to buy a 12 pack? Then when I break another one I can swap cables to keep things running or trouble shoot. Have you tried filling the banana clip with more solder?f

I will add a repaired pic of it when I replace the cable. I think very highly of the whole getup. Still kinda curious if there was another way to connect it up but maybe its just one of those little things like carbon brushes that will get a little worn out. Either way I’ll just be great-full that its an EASY fix lol

Your in luck, I just took your order out of the mail box and snipped the corner of the package open to squeeze it in. It is going out today.



Big bummer this morning when I went to hook in the new cable I found that the pin connectors where not on the new wires.
I kept the original wires on there and tried to add solder to the old wire to get the b.plug to work.

Edit: Looking at the pictures I realize that I do have shrink tube and can make those pin connectors work for me. But if it works for now im not gonna fix it later because my solder gun (Harbor Freight big trigger gun) has way to much heat for this stuff and I always melt everything. Im guessing it would be best to splice and solder the wires together.

Hi Grant,

I didn’t catch the fact that you had a Shapeoko or I would have put those ends on for you. You don’t need to buy anything. I have the tool to make them up and will send you a set of ends with a short piece of wire attached. All you will need to do is solder them on the the new wire set I send you and add some heat shrink to the solder joint. I’ll send that too.

I will get those out to you today.



Charley, you sure have great customer service.

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@luc.onthego You’re not kidding! I was sold on the Tri probe when I first started out not knowing a thing about CNC and the Tri-Toolbox was a game-changer being a newb not knowing a thing about gcode. Even though Im really getting the hang of gcode I find that I still use the Toolbox to help fine-tune my XYZ probe macro.

@Charley Hey I really appreciate it! Also thanks for sending the replacement plug with the new cable I just ordered that got me up and running this morning! My probe was offline for 2-3 days and I didn’t realize how much I appreciate that little guy. Highly recommendable!