Triquetra probe issue

I just upgraded from shapeoko 3 to the XXL I am using the triquetra which worked fine on the regular size board I have the XXL all hooked up and tried the probe with the triquetra and when it touches off on the right side when it rises to go over and touch on the other side it just keeps rising and stops help please

Which software are you using?

I’m using the setup from triquetra along with carbide motion, all been upgraded.this is video of how

It worked fine with original s3

You might ask Charley at Triquetra

It definitely works with the XXL, that’s my XXL in the video. I can’t think of the error you’re having and I’m around 1300 miles away from my machine at the moment unfortunately. Sorry I can’t be more help:-(


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Pretty sure it’s resolved will check tomorrow, bad wiring, I used old connectors and I believe it is working, will give it a final tomorrow, will update you, ty for helping us with this,

Yes Sir Mr. Danoln,
It works fine, the issue was a loose wire, connectors are everything, wondering if I can make a plug so wont need to keep it hooked up, less chance of snags

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If you have a 3d printer I can send you a STL file to make a holder for the Triquetra Touch Plate. There is really no need to unplug it after use. I leave mine plugged in all the time and when not in use I just drop it in the holder.

No Mister Charlie I do not have a 3D printer but that looks really good I’m pretty sure I can make something similar thanks a lot and thanks for all your help God bless Merry Christmas

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