Trouble During Initializing

I just finished set up of the Shapeoko 4. After I initialize and before I set up bit setter the cutter goes to the back right for a second like it is supposed to be then quickly to the front right. Any thoughts on the issue? I checked my wiring and it seems to be correct.

The current behaviour is that the machine initializes by homing at the machine origin (right, back, top) then moves to the tool change position, so what you are describing sounds right — is it not cutting as expected? Is there some difficulty in setting the zero?

I am having trouble getting bit setter setup.

Did you initialize it per:

I was able to go thru the instructions to set up thr bitsetter. The only issue was the light doesn’t come on when I press the bitsetter button.

I would drop an Email and one call to Support. They will help you out on that issue.

Check wire harness to make sure it is good. Possibility a wire was pinched or a connection came loose.

The light not coming on may indicate a problem with the wiring/connection.

Power up, connect to the machine, go to Settings | Debug (or Options, depending on version) and press the BitSetter button — does it signal as a Probe input? If not, let us know at