Trouble Selecting Tool in Carbide Create


I seem to be having trouble selecting a tool in Carbide Creates tool menu. It shows the last tool I used, but I cant seem to change it. I’ve attempted to restart the program, reload the file, and create new files. So far nothing has changed the outcome.

Might I being going about something incorrectly?


In toolpath say contour, press edit under the endmill then change tool and you should see the list of endmills available to you by category if you have 440 and above I think.

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Thank you for the reply.

And that is what I’ve been attempting to do. Unfortunately the drop down menu will highlight, but never actually produce a drop down of tools. My previous job used a custom tool, and this was the tool CC was showing as selected.

I went into the edit tools menu and deleted my custom tool. I now have access to the list of tools. Does this sound typical?


If you have a backup of your old .ini file with the tool which was causing the problem please send it in to us at

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