Trouble trying to create tool path for a thin profile

In F360 I created a 0.5mm section of a butterfly. While trying to create the tool path, the inner contour only cuts from left to right. If I click on the red arrow, the tool path changes direction but then it creates a tool path for the outer border, not inner. So essentially I’m unable to create the proper tool path to mill the inner section.

Could someone please show me what I’m doing wrong?

Many thanks,

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I downloaded your file, everything looks good so far. I created a second contour operation, and changed the direction of the red arrow and it cut the ID. I think this is what you are looking for. (I don’t understand your left to right statement…see photo, if you are talking about conventional vs climb cutting changes the direction of the cutter) Download my file and see if this helps:

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Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for your time on my file. I get the exact same result and I think the problem is I don’t understand how the mill can cut in the ‘wrong’ direction (when the red arrow points to the left rather than the right). I believe this might be what Climb milling and Conventional milling is about.

So if I understand correctly, whether the red arrow points to the left or to the right, it will cut?

Here is a good example of what gets cut vs the direction of the red arrow.
Red arrow facing IN:


Red arrow facing OUT:

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Richard thanks again for this I think I’ve finally wrapped my head around this!
Much appreciated.

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