Trouble with Carbide motion

I am using Fusion 360 to draw and create G-code I use metric so I don’t run into the translation issue with it, but I still have my code either just don’t do anything after you load the end mill, or after a bit without moving it gives me a limit switch hit. I’m not sure what to do. I am thinking about using different g-code sender maybe one that I can see what is going on. I know it’s been asked be for but what do most of you use? or is there something I need to change in what I am doing now?

here is the begging part of my code that did not start at after the stop for the end mill. the code is really simple just a 4 circles with a holes in the middle of each

(wire backing )
(cut out )
(T1 D=6.35 CR=0 - ZMIN=-7.85 - flat end mill)
G28 G91 Z0

(2D Adaptive2)
T1 M6
S8000 M3
G0 X-286.138 Y-83.783
G1 Z2.55 F1219.2
G3 X-284.806 Y-89.667 Z2.219 I0.666 J-2.942
X-286.138 Y-83.783 Z1.888 I-0.666 J2.942
X-284.806 Y-89.667 Z1.557 I0.666 J-2.942
X-286.138 Y-83.783 Z1.226 I-0.666 J2.942
X-284.806 Y-89.667 Z0.895 I0.666 J-2.942
X-286.138 Y-83.783 Z0.565 I-0.666 J2.942
X-284.806 Y-89.667 Z0.234 I0.666 J-2.942
X-286.138 Y-83.783 Z-0.097 I-0.666 J2.942
X-286.661 Y-89.497 Z-0.362 I0.666 J-2.942
X-282.455 Y-86.728 Z-0.57 I1.189 J2.772
X-288.488 Y-86.721 Z-0.901 I-3.016 J0.004
X-287.559 Y-88.902 Z-0.986 I3.016 J-0.004
X-282.649 Y-87.788 Z-1.194 I2.087 J2.178
X-288.294 Y-85.662 Z-1.525 I-2.823 J1.063
X-288.191 Y-88.031 Z-1.61 I2.823 J-1.063
X-282.753 Y-85.419 Z-1.941 I2.719 J1.306
X-288.191 Y-88.031 Z-2.272 I-2.719 J-1.306
X-282.753 Y-85.419 Z-2.603 I2.719 J1.306
X-288.191 Y-88.031 Z-2.934 I-2.719 J-1.306
X-282.753 Y-85.419 Z-3.265 I2.719 J1.306
X-288.191 Y-88.031 Z-3.595 I-2.719 J-1.306
X-282.753 Y-85.419 Z-3.926 I2.719 J1.306
X-288.191 Y-88.031 Z-4.257 I-2.719 J-1.306
X-282.753 Y-85.419 Z-4.588 I2.719 J1.306
X-288.191 Y-88.031 Z-4.919 I-2.719 J-1.306
X-282.753 Y-85.419 Z-5.25 I2.719 J1.306
X-288.191 Y-88.031 Z-5.581 I-2.719 J-1.306
X-282.753 Y-85.419 Z-5.912 I2.719 J1.306
X-288.191 Y-88.031 Z-6.243 I-2.719 J-1.306
X-282.753 Y-85.419 Z-6.574 I2.719 J1.306
X-288.191 Y-88.031 Z-6.904 I-2.719 J-1.306
X-282.753 Y-85.419 Z-7.235 I2.719 J1.306
X-288.191 Y-88.031 Z-7.566 I-2.719 J-1.306
X-282.455 Y-86.725 Z-7.85 I2.719 J1.306
X-288.488 I-3.016 J0
X-285.472 Y-89.741 I3.016 J0
X-282.563 Y-87.522 I0 J3.016
X-282.455 Y-86.725 I-2.909 J0.797
G1 X-282.451 Y-86.479
X-282.273 Y-85.514
X-282.248 Y-85.197
X-282.291 Y-84.882
X-282.4 Y-84.583
X-282.57 Y-84.315
X-282.624 Y-84.247
X-282.795 Y-84.041
X-282.813 Y-84.024
X-283.09 Y-83.801
X-283.37 Y-83.578
X-283.464 Y-83.51
X-283.687 Y-83.399
X-284.133 Y-83.184
X-284.201 Y-83.154
X-284.269 Y-83.132
X-284.803 Y-83.01
X-285.026 Y-82.962
X-285.249 Y-82.954
X-285.918 Y-82.962
X-286.141 Y-83.01
X-286.587 Y-83.112
X-286.673 Y-83.132
X-286.742 Y-83.154
X-286.81 Y-83.184
X-287.256 Y-83.399
X-287.479 Y-83.51
X-287.573 Y-83.578
X-287.925 Y-83.859
X-288.13 Y-84.024
X-288.148 Y-84.041
X-288.319 Y-84.247
X-288.595 Y-84.593
X-288.67 Y-84.693
X-288.786 Y-84.916
X-289 Y-85.362
X-289.041 Y-85.451
X-289.079 Y-85.585
X-289.181 Y-86.031
X-289.231 Y-86.254
X-289.242 Y-86.477
X-289.238 Y-87.146
X-289.192 Y-87.369
X-289.09 Y-87.815
X-289.041 Y-87.999
X-289.024 Y-88.038
X-288.81 Y-88.484
X-288.701 Y-88.707
X-288.595 Y-88.857
X-288.358 Y-89.153
X-288.178 Y-89.376
X-288.148 Y-89.408
X-287.916 Y-89.599
X-287.636 Y-89.822
X-287.479 Y-89.94
X-287.256 Y-90.051
X-286.805 Y-90.268
X-286.696 Y-90.311
X-286.587 Y-90.338
X-286.141 Y-90.44
X-285.918 Y-90.489
X-285.897 Y-90.491
X-285.695 Y-90.496
X-285.046 Y-90.491
X-285.026 Y-90.488
X-284.803 Y-90.44
X-284.356 Y-90.338
X-284.247 Y-90.311
X-284.133 Y-90.266
X-283.675 Y-90.045
X-283.464 Y-89.94
X-283.307 Y-89.822
X-283.018 Y-89.592
X-282.795 Y-89.409
X-282.764 Y-89.376
X-282.407 Y-88.93
X-282.29 Y-88.782
X-282.242 Y-88.707
X-282.026 Y-88.261
X-281.919 Y-88.038
X-281.903 Y-88
X-281.853 Y-87.815
X-281.751 Y-87.369
X-281.705 Y-87.146
X-281.701 Y-86.923
X-281.712 Y-86.254
X-281.813 Y-85.808
X-281.864 Y-85.585
X-281.903 Y-85.449
X-281.942 Y-85.362
X-282.157 Y-84.916
X-282.272 Y-84.693
X-282.349 Y-84.592
X-282.57 Y-84.315
X-282.613 Y-84.28 Z-7.844
X-282.654 Y-84.247 Z-7.825
X-282.69 Y-84.217 Z-7.795
X-282.72 Y-84.192 Z-7.756
X-282.743 Y-84.173 Z-7.709
X-282.76 Y-84.164 Z-7.656
X-282.765 Y-84.161 Z-7.601
G0 Z5
X-275.434 Y-269.942
G1 Z2.55 F1219.2
G3 X-277.211 Y-274.652 Z2.342 I0.666 J-2.942
X-272.325 Y-271.115 Z2.011 I2.443 J1.769
X-277.211 Y-274.652 Z1.68 I-2.443 J-1.769
X-272.891 Y-275.245 Z1.51 I2.443 J1.769
X-273.335 Y-270.23 Z1.302 I-1.877 J2.361
X-276.202 Y-275.537 Z0.971 I-1.433 J-2.654
X-273.84 Y-275.753 Z0.886 I1.433 J2.654
X-272.494 Y-270.902 Z0.678 I-0.928 J2.87
X-277.484 Y-271.571 Z0.47 I-2.274 J-1.981
X-272.052 Y-274.196 Z0.139 I2.716 J-1.313
X-276.85 Y-270.701 Z-0.154 I-2.716 J1.312
X-275.957 Y-275.655 Z-0.362 I2.082 J-2.183
X-271.752 Y-272.887 Z-0.57 I1.189 J2.772
X-277.784 Y-272.88 Z-0.901 I-3.016 J0.004
X-276.855 Y-275.061 Z-0.986 I3.016 J-0.004
X-272.681 Y-270.706 Z-1.317 I2.087 J2.178
X-274.9 Y-269.87 Z-1.402 I-2.087 J-2.178
X-277.487 Y-274.189 Z-1.61 I0.132 J-3.013
X-272.049 Y-271.578 Z-1.941 I2.719 J1.306
X-273.833 Y-270.016 Z-2.026 I-2.719 J-1.306
X-275.703 Y-275.751 Z-2.357 I-0.935 J-2.868
X-273.341 Y-275.541 Z-2.442 I0.935 J2.868
X-272.886 Y-270.527 Z-2.65 I-1.427 J2.657
X-277.675 Y-272.079 Z-2.858 I-1.883 J-2.357
X-271.861 Y-273.688 Z-3.189 I2.907 J-0.805
X-277.675 Y-272.079 Z-3.52 I-2.907 J0.805
X-271.861 Y-273.688 Z-3.851 I2.907 J-0.805
X-276.428 Y-270.365 Z-4.106 I-2.907 J0.805
X-276.431 Y-275.4 Z-4.314 I1.66 J-2.518
X-273.105 Y-270.367 Z-4.645 I1.663 J2.516
X-276.431 Y-275.4 Z-4.976 I-1.663 J-2.516
X-273.105 Y-270.367 Z-5.307 I1.663 J2.516
X-274.362 Y-269.895 Z-5.354 I-1.663 J-2.516
X-277.676 Y-273.685 Z-5.562 I-0.406 J-2.989
X-272.888 Y-275.242 Z-5.77 I2.908 J0.801
X-276.648 Y-270.525 Z-6.101 I-1.88 J2.359
X-273.837 Y-275.752 Z-6.394 I1.88 J-2.359
X-272.496 Y-270.899 Z-6.602 I-0.931 J2.869
X-277.04 Y-274.867 Z-6.933 I-2.272 J-1.984
X-274.904 Y-275.897 Z-7.018 I2.272 J1.984
X-274.632 Y-269.87 Z-7.349 I0.136 J3.013
X-276.852 Y-270.703 Z-7.434 I-0.136 J-3.013
X-275.954 Y-275.657 Z-7.642 I2.084 J-2.18
X-271.752 Y-272.883 Z-7.85 I1.186 J2.773
X-274.768 Y-269.867 I-3.016 J0
X-277.784 Y-272.883 I0 J-3.016
X-274.768 Y-275.9 I3.016 J0
X-271.859 Y-273.681 I0 J3.016
X-271.752 Y-272.883 I-2.909 J0.797
G1 X-271.748 Y-272.638
X-271.57 Y-271.673
X-271.543 Y-271.368
X-271.579 Y-271.065
X-271.677 Y-270.775
X-271.832 Y-270.511
X-271.956 Y-270.343
X-272.007 Y-270.288
X-272.068 Y-270.232
X-272.587 Y-269.786
X-272.672 Y-269.727
X-272.757 Y-269.681
X-273.203 Y-269.445
X-273.426 Y-269.34
X-273.873 Y-269.219
X-274.096 Y-269.159
X-274.207 Y-269.135
X-274.319 Y-269.126
X-274.988 Y-269.101
X-275.067 Y-269.105
X-275.146 Y-269.117
X-275.657 Y-269.213
X-275.88 Y-269.26
X-276.077 Y-269.34
X-276.588 Y-269.563
X-276.68 Y-269.61
X-276.772 Y-269.676
X-277.224 Y-270.009
X-277.333 Y-270.092
X-277.442 Y-270.209
X-277.845 Y-270.678
X-277.888 Y-270.731
X-277.985 Y-270.901
X-278.221 Y-271.347
X-278.279 Y-271.458
X-278.32 Y-271.57
X-278.499 Y-272.239
X-278.52 Y-272.35
X-278.525 Y-272.462
X-278.542 Y-272.908
X-278.55 Y-273.131
X-278.517 Y-273.354
X-278.432 Y-273.8
X-278.383 Y-274.023
X-278.334 Y-274.14
X-278.093 Y-274.692
X-278.035 Y-274.803
X-277.955 Y-274.915
X-277.626 Y-275.361
X-277.549 Y-275.459
X-277.442 Y-275.558
X-276.995 Y-275.941
X-276.88 Y-276.03
X-276.772 Y-276.089
X-276.215 Y-276.384
X-276.103 Y-276.429
X-275.434 Y-276.609
X-275.322 Y-276.633
X-275.211 Y-276.64
X-274.542 Y-276.665
X-274.486 Y-276.663
X-274.43 Y-276.656
X-273.873 Y-276.551
X-273.65 Y-276.504
X-273.573 Y-276.476
X-272.98 Y-276.217
X-272.869 Y-276.163
X-272.757 Y-276.085
X-272.311 Y-275.756
X-272.214 Y-275.683
X-272.118 Y-275.584
X-271.734 Y-275.138
X-271.642 Y-275.027
X-271.577 Y-274.915
X-271.341 Y-274.469
X-271.231 Y-274.246
X-271.196 Y-274.121


how are you exporting the code from 360? I just run a post process and import that into carbide motion. For me the only thing missing from CM is a probing feature.

I am using the post process out of 360 I use the generic carbide 3d (grbl) onto a zip drive then up load that into the laptop running carbide motion.

The most popular other options are Universal Gcode Sender, bCNC, GrblGru and Chilipeppr — I believe everything is listed at:

You should always preview your files — CAMotics seems to be popular for that — I use an old, free version of NC Plot. Community-maintained list of options on the wiki:

I’ll try out that CAmotics but to me it looks like the same thing as simulate in 360, but if it catches something I did not see in 360 it will be worth the time.

Grbl doesn’t know how to do M6. The post processor puts it in there because CM interprets it, but that may be where your problem occurs. If your job is just one end mill, load up the mill first, do your zeroes beforehand and edit out that M6. (delete the line).

A few of things to watch out for in F360: Defaults often take full depth cuts. Lead-in and lead-out don’t seem to care whether they are going full depth into stock (if you aren’t doing a full clear on the way down). It does a G28 at the end which appears to go home on my Nomad, but it depends on setup/config, I believe.

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OK thanks Mark
. the few jobs I have gotten to run did do the full cut so I have been adding in the multiple deeps at 1mm pre and I had not clue about the M6 which is why I asked today

one more question how do you delete that M6 I did not see anywhere in 360 before I post process. and CM don’t really let you do a lot or I don’t know how to do a lot with it.

If the Autodesk Fusion post-processor can’t be edited to prevent it from appearing, then one would edit the G-code text file.

Just load it up in a text editor and delete the line is what I was suggesting.

There might be a post processor option to suppress, but I don’t remember off the top of my head.

that seems to have helped I also turned $20 and $21 back to “0” so I am not fighting limit switches