Trouble with Dewalt DWP611 bearing play

I am a new S3 XXL owner and user. I have used the Dewalt DWP611 for about 2 hours so far. I have done a few simple projects so far. The first thing I did was plane a section of a log to clean it up from the chain saw cuts. It was here that I noticed a problem. Each pass on the wood was very visible (I will see if I can upload a picture). The condition of the wood indicated the cutter was not perpendicular to the wood. And the passes alternated directions so I could see the effects of the cut direction. The angle of the cutter with respect to the wood changed with the cut direction. I am guessing the lip formed by subsequent passes is about 0.005 inches.

I looked for several possible problems including perpendicularity of the spindle to the bed using the S shaped piece of 1/4 " rod. There was (and are ) problems here that showed the perpendicularity changes depending on the position on the table. I imagine I will have to face the waste board someday. That may get rid of part of the problems.

I also discovered the router has a significant amount of side to side play at the collet. The dial indicator shows about .010".

Is that normal?
Have I abused the thing?

Thanks for your help.

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check your vwheels on the Z make sure it isnt the Z plate shifting side to side making you think is the spindle,you can literally beat the heck out of these 611 so i doubts thats it,I may be wrong but id check the vwheels and adjust the Eccentric Nuts to get the vwheels right

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We have had some instances where the collets for the DeWalt weren’t as true as we’d prefer — that seems a likely culprit. An obvious fix would be to get a precision collet — we sell a 1/8" one:

and Elaire Corp. sells them in various sizes, including a replacement for the stock 1/4":

If you wish to splurge there’re the Precise Bits ER-style collets.

If you have difficulties with any of the above, let us know at and we’ll do our best to help you sort this out.

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I did tighten the vwheels up on the z axis. I will double check though with the dial indicator to make sure the plate is not moving but the collet is.

@will adams. I am certainly not an expert on the subject. But isn’t the trueness of the collet more to do with wobble when the collet rotates? The problem I am measuring is side to side play when the collet is not rotating but simple being pushed by hand. I will double check it is the spindle that is moving and not something else.

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Correct, but the runout on the spindle will change the cutting angle as it moves, which may result in the symptoms shown, esp. if excessive. 0.010" is more than we’d like to see (but unfortunately is probably w/in DeWalt’s tolerances — they don’t really support these for anything but handheld use) — usually w/ a precision collet it’s 0.001" or so, w/ some folks getting lucky and having even less.

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