Trouble with software freezing still

I’m still having issues with Create freezing up. I downloaded 714 and that’s when it started. Then I loaded 719. Still having same issue. I’ve been asked to give a step by step rundown on what’s causing it but it’s nothing specific. I can be drawing out a polyline and it will just quit allowing me to continue drawing. I might be trying to go from the design tab to the toolpath tab and it quits working and so forth. There is no one specific thing I’m doing when it happens. As soon as I exit out and open the program bac up, it works fine for a few minutes and then back to not allowing me to do anything.

Is this on Windows or Mac OS X?

Have you tried the standard computer troubleshooting techniques?

  • reboot
  • check for updates
  • shutdown
  • wait a bit
  • reboot
  • create a new user w/ admin privileges
  • install and run the program under the new user

If that doesn’t help, send in the specifics of your system to and we’ll do our best to look into this w/ you.

I have done all of the above. Uninstalled, reinstalled, shut down, started back up. Everything has worked fine until the last 2 or 3 days. System is 8 core I-7 processor, 16 gig ram, 1.5 TB memory, windows 10.

It was asked that you send in a video on support — have you done this yet?

I don’t know how to send a video of it. There is no specific path that leads to it. The software is up and working, then it just stops responding. None of the functions work, you can’t click any tabs such as design or toolpath, can’t click on and move vectors, can’t type in any fields. All you can do is X out of it. When you open it back up it might work for 20 seconds, it might work for 2 or 3 minutes. But it freezes up again within a matter of of no more than 3 minutes.

Save the video. Then use
this to upload your file.

I don’t get how to do a video of it. I tried to do one with my phone but it says it’s not authorized when I try to upload it.

Save it to the hard drive first.

If your running windows 10. Click on start, then type reliability. Then click on View Reliability History. Look at the graph for any red X’s on the application errors line. Click on them and it may give you some information on any critical events like software errors. Double click on any critical events and it will give details of the error

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