True Single Line Cursive Font

I am looking to download a true single line cursive font. I want a single line font so I can tell Carbide Create to cut to a depth on the line. Does anyone have any recommendations on a font that I could use for this?

I’m afraid that Carbide Create wouldn’t cope with such a font well — it doesn’t handle open paths well.

Such fonts do exist, a notable example is the “Hershey Text” fonts which have an implementation inside Inkscape which can be used with gcodetools:

The community has some notes on this sort of thing at:

and there’s a very informative link:

There are commercial options, notably: — which will work in Carbide Create because they’re not single lines, but rather closed paths, so the machine travels all the way around the entire perimeter, arguably twice as far as needed.

Thanks for the reply, I am trying to make something similar to these for my nephew as a Christmas present. I was assuming I would try to use a single line font with a 1/2" round nose cutter. I will have to look through some of your info and see if I can get something to work. I also have vectric cut2d so maybe that would be better to work in then create.

An alternate there would be to use a V carving (in Carbide Create) or, use a 3rd party tool such as F-Engrave which will allow similar toolpaths with a ball-nosed endmill.

Alternately, make this?