Trying CNC JS on a Raspberry Pi3

Figured I’d loosely document my experience trying out CNC js. I was able to easily setup my Raspberry Pi with the software. I had a minor issue where the HDMI connection kept resetting, so I enabled VNC and SSH access and just remote into it now.

With very little trouble I was able to get my shapeoko3 connected and talking to the rPi3, the homing feature worked out of the box, and I was able to jog the cutting head around. The UI is a little cluttered on my smaller shop laptop screen but still usable, especially once I cleaned up the widgets I didn’t need.

Going to try some air-cutting with it next, and need to see if the electrical noise of the router or the CNC causes any issues on the Pi.

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I really like CNCjs, it has good support with new features being added. I use it on a low end Windows 7 computer now, but tested out with RPi3 ~8 months ago. The only issue that I had with it was that the jogging was not smooth, it “stuttered” and repeated some times. Do you have this issue?

Could be due to keyboard repeat rate or just the speed of the RPi3.

I can’t say I had that issue, though I didn’t do much. I did like being able to jog at larger intervals. Do you know if there’s a way to jog with keys or is it just the UI? That was one thing I found less intuitive. I also meant to see it an external accessory might do it, either connected to the Pi or the computer.

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