Trying to create WoodArt?

Here are 3 versions of the same design pieces.
I am hoping to get input as to whether these are good ideas or not.
If so, which is the better of the three?

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Thanks in advance for your input.


The last one “pops” more.


The first one really doesn’t show what I was trying to accomplish with the varying height cuts. Not sure how it would look completed.
I appreciate your input.
(don’t tell anyone but I favor the third one myself.) Shhhhhh.

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#3 for sure.

But I think the outside border should also just be an offset of the inside shape. It looks goofy being taller the it is wide, since a hex is a bit wider than it is tall.

The contrast, or lack thereof, in CC simulate doesn’t help.

#1 might look pretty cool with different layers of wood species.


Three hit me. Great job

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Didn’t think of that. That may look pretty cool.

Thank you very much for the input.
For some reason I am very apprehensive trying to make wood art.

The third option is the best in my opinion.

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Thank you for responding.
I may start on this today and see how it turns out.

I sent it to my wife and her comment was “YUK”.

That’s because you called it “Art”, and not anything else. Art has to be sloppy, curvy, evoke images of malcontent, drippy and at the very least without straight lines! :smiley:

You may be an engineer if … :smiley:


All are impressive, but 3 is tops for me.

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Here is one my wife likes.
CrookedWoodTex mentioned “Curvy”.


I suggest you run all three in pink insulation foam or something, so you can actually see how they come out. I do a lot of this kind or work myself, and often find that renderings are not particularly useful for judging the feel of designs.

Pink foam allows you to run at maximum speed and depth, even on a nomad, so the time and cost of testing is very low.


Great idea, Josh. What about that green foam they use for flower arrangements?
Large Floral Foam Block

Doesn’t that get fiberglass wrapped around the bit?
(Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That stuff is way too soft. I think it would really be messy. I wouldn’t want it mixed with my wood dust in the vacuum. OCD kicking in.

Agreed, that flower foam seems like it might not hold much detail. Also it might be more expensive? Not sure. Here’s a very old post about pink foam, specifically using it with a Nomad classic.


Has anyone painted this material? If so, how did it turn out?

I have and it came out great. This material is routinely used for stage props and scenery. If you want to spray paint it, you need to prime it first or it’ll melt. You can also sand it, though you should start at 220 or higher, and wear lung Ppe.