Trying to Draw a Four Sided Polygon

I am trying to create a 4 sided polygon.
Top is 26 1/2’
Right side is 3 1/2"
Bottom is 26 3/4"
Left side is 2 1/8"
I believe the angles (as close as I can measure them) are:
Right side 20 degrees
Left side 25 degrees

How do I attempt to create this?

Easiest thing to do is to draw up all the dimensions/intersections:

Then adjust the position of one piece until everything fits — measuring it may help:

Then, once everything touches:

Use the polygon tool to draw the desired shape:

This may need a bit of adjustment, but should be close enough to be workable.

I believe a constraint tool such as Solvespace or CADsketcher in Blender would do this automatically.

Attached as a v7 file.

foursidedpolygon.c2d (44 KB)

Or do some math !?!?

There are 2 solutions the way you describe it. Only 1 makes the last dimension (reference left angle) close to 25°


Mathematically, you will end up with a more accurate model if you measure everything ordinately.
i.e. rather than measure the length of each side, measure the XY points of each corner.
Scribe/draw 2 (perpendicular to the 26.75 base line) lines on your part, and measure X & Y dimensions.

Then you can zoom way in & use the readout (lower left) to place the nodes for a polyline.



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