Trying to get a handle on this new toy Shapeoko XXL

Some learning curve going on, but really like what this machine can do,
Feel free to comment and suggest better ways to do things.

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Looks good! On the first picture, if you use more strips of blue tape (maybe two more), you probably won’t need tabs. That would save some cutting and sanding.

Thanks, yes the blue tape and CA glue is great. Some larger projects I have used the brad nailer and that too works.

I like your witch sign. Lizzy Hale from Halestorm has a song that is similar, you call me a b*tch like it is a bad thing. like its a baaaad thing.

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One thing I have found it that it is so easy just to make whatever is on your mind. I as drinking a
cold beverage and thought I don’t have a coaster in my shop. Well a few minutes later, I had not one but a set of coasters made from a scrap of dog ear treated lumber.