Trying to install font

Went to help, hit “about”, hit “Open Data Directory”, clicked on folder Carbide Create, clicked on “fonts” folder, added a font… restart CC, …not there… how do I add a font?

on windows, you need to add a font as system font not as user font for carbide create to see it…
(so via the main font tool in the control panel, not just right clicking it)

That should work — was the font not at the top of the font list?

If not, please send it in to us at and we’ll do our best to work this out with you.

Typically in Windows, just open directory where font is located, usually the download directory. And then double click on the font. Either the ttf, or oft file. Windows should ask if you want to install, say yes and it will.
It is then available for all programs

Thank you.
Had to go into the font folder, right click on the script, go to properties, and change what it opens with - changed to Carbide Create.
Reopened CC and they were there.

Changing the fonts to open in Carbide Create shouldn’t have altered things — it doesn’t know how to directly interact with a file handle for a font passed to it.

Say instead, “all programs which are running with the permissions to access the font file in question and which are able to load the font in question” — there are certain font characteristics which will prevent a font from loading into Carbide Create (and other programs).

Somehow, that seems to have worked. The two that I installed are still there when I open and closed the program as went back to it this morning.

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