Trying to run and jump before walking.. Please help

Hey guys, I’m wanting to constantly cut things on my nomad that are out of my realm so far.
Can any you suggest things I can do and practice on or with to help me to get the correct work flows down before I develope bad habits? Any help or suggestions would greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!!!

Even the most complex project should be broken into discrete steps.

Start here: — make clamps

Follow along here: — adapt to simplify if need be — make a fixture to hold a project, or if it appeals, a full-fledged board.

The original coaster project is a good one:

Look here for a project which appeals:

Or, make a box:

Always use the machine checklist:

Always simulate a project before machining:

Hopefully I’ll be finished w/ my new (old) toys soon:

and back to my machine.

WillAdams, are these good for the Nomad also? I will go through these and work my way through them…Thank you!!

The concepts still apply. The scale of the machine is a bit different, and you’ll want to use different feeds-speeds.

Guest blog posts on that here: and

Be sure to see the chart at:

If you’re not averse to commercial software, I’d suggest getting G-Wizard and using that together w/ MeshCAM (there’s a nifty copy-paste integration to transfer feed-speed settings from one to the other) — you just need to buy one year’s worth and it’ll last a lifetime since the spindle rating for the Nomad is well w/in the 1HP one is allowed (that works for the Shapeoko as well for most reasonable spindles).

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What do you want to make?

Like @WillAdams said.
Breaking it into small jobs, like a fixture or tool needed to accomplish the larger task could be a good option.

If you want to post a picture of what your “big win” is we can plan some steps to get there.

What work holding tools do you have currently?
Threaded table?
Flip frame?

Again a big thank you WillAdams. More reading more understanding = More doing!!


In the end I want to make more of the EDC items, mostly 2.5D/3D stuff, small pocket trinkets, maybe design a bottle opener, finger fiddle items. Similar to the small items you have done small rocket, Lego, your spinner tool, items like that. I figured I’d do items in non metal material until I get the true hang of things. I did purchase the flip frame, low profile vice and threaded table. I’m looking for same HDPE to make the threaded hold down clamps you did in Bamboo. My mind is racing a million miles ahead of where i am physically if that makes sense! Lol