Trying To Stabilize/Secure Whiskey Bottle To Etch With Diamond Drag Bit

I am etching our unit emblem and the Commander’s name on this whiskey bottle for a farewell gift from the leadership and I need ideas on what the best way to stabilize this bottle in order to use the diamond drag bit. The part of the bottle that will lay on the waste board is fairly flat and I thought about using shims or a very firm clay. Mainly need to keep it from wobbling and shifting. The time it will take to do the name or emblem is not very long.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Clay/shims and rubber bands, ratchet straps across the whole machine? Drag engraving doesn’t impart a whole lot of sideways force, what I’d be more worried about is the curve on the top. I don’t know how much range your drag bit has, or how big the artwork you’re doing is, but in the middle you’ll have a whole bunch more pressure than the edges. Any drag engraving I’ve done only lowered my Z by 0.020” or so (I have not done glass though, which may be more forgiving?). It’s an interesting project and I’m curious to see the final results. Be sure to report back.


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Here is how I would try. Design a cradle that would match the back of the bottle by drawing the profile on paper the import the drawing and tracing with the dimensions then milling it on the Shapeoko. You would only need two or so pieces made with a 3/4in plank.

Stick the bottle in the cradle and secure in place.

Engrave the bottle.

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Clay with some straps would probably work pretty well…

I’ve had pretty good success with hot glue. If you were in a hurry you could use lots of it to fill the gap, or you could use it along with some shims

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That is a great idea! I have to have the bottle finished by Wednesday morning so I will have pictures soon after.


If the hot glue doesn’t work (it likely will), you could try this:

Used similar stuff for all sorts of temporary fixtures. Just use some cling wrap on the bottle to keep it clean. If you do the same kind of thing often, this is a great way to make a low cost holding fixture that can be used over and over.

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