Trying to understand toolpath pattern

I am not understanding how Gcode chooses where to start its paths such in carving stars in a union. I use basically the same file when creating unions, just resize to fit the flag. As of yet have never seen the project cut in the same orientation, Sometimes inside to middle, next time top to bottom. Other times it will cut a complete star and then move on to the next. Next time it will cut a pass and move on the the rest of the stars and then make a 2nd or third pass.
A further question it seems I read in passing that the cutting direction can be changed.

This is the “traveling salesman” problem — Carbide Create strives to create the most efficient ordering, but doesn’t always succeed — if you have a file whose ordering is especially egregious send it in and we’ll see about having a developer look into it.

The only way to control the ordering is to create individual toolpaths.

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I started with the 3.x CC and CM. I am currently on CC 4.74 and CM 5.13. In the earlier versions cutting was very random. The newer versions are better but not perfect. Case and point:

TEXT: July 2020 Made by GLD

This was to be cut with a #301 V bit on the back of a project. The machine started with Ju Y and moved accross and did the rest of the letters and numbers in order then went back and put the “l” in. Go figure why it did it this way but it did. As I said earlier the randomness had gone down but no entirely gone away.

One thing you can do is make your retract height as low as possible. This speeds up cutting. If you have a high retract the machine spends a lot of time positioning and plunging. On a small project it is not a big deal but on a 12 hour cut it adds up.

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